A Last Minute Letter To Every MBA Aspirant

Dear Aspirants,

As it is already November, most of you would be just brushing up your fundamentals, attempting Mocks and analyzing them. Hence, I will not advise you on how to solve quant or LRDI or Verbal because this is something you must be thorough with by now. I will share my experience with you about what else matters.

Remember one very simple thing that MBA exams are more of a Test of Character rather than a test of knowledge and skills. Of course, knowledge is indispensable but that is the case with every other test-taker, but it is your character, your attitude, your patience that will ultimately create the difference.


How to maximize scores?

My Strategy would be – Don’t be worried about topics you are weak on but strengthen your strong topics. For Example, I used to be poor at RCs and since it made a very large portion of Verbal, I found it difficult to score well in Verbal but then there were Other topics such as para jumbles and sentence corrections or alternative word usage and fill-ups in which I managed to score well to survive in verbal and maximized marks in LRDI (because I was comfortable in cracking its data sets) irrespective of all exams.

Handling a tough Exam?

Last year, Snap was extremely vague and tough. Usual cut-offs used to be around 90-98 but SNAP 2015 cutoffs were around 65-68. Remember, if you have prepared well, then an exam tough for you would be tough for everyone.. DO NOT START GUESSING! Attempt your exam as you would normally do. In a normal attempt there would still be a 50-50 chance of getting through but in a jai-mata-di one.. its 99-1% probability only. Make a sane decision.

What if it is an easy exam?

Last year’s CAT was comparatively easy and so the expected attempts were high and so people lost their composure and attempted too many questions in excitement fetching negatives due to silly mistakes.

AGAIN, all preparations go in vain if you do not pass the test of character.

You do everything but still not getting the desired result?

The only answer to this question is Believe. Be patient. and PRACTICE! There’s no other way out! Keep Reading gpkafunda.com. It will give you Smart strategies to go about different exams. Give MOCKS (but don’t attempt mocks for the sake of attempting it). Analyze it thoroughly. Practice Mocks according to your CAT slot, this helps in getting used to the routine.

Choose the right questions. The questions you are comfortable dealing with. And this depends on your strength and weakness. Differs from person to person.

I was pursuing Engineering and that too in IT so with final projects, Campus placements and other engineering activities one might feel difficult to take time out but then, to win the game, you must stay in the game. That is the simplest possible way in which I can explain how I overcame the struggles I faced.

A lot of my classmates left the preparations midway because they lost motivation and hope but I insist, dear reader, to stay.

And my personal experience says that it is not as difficult to find time for MBA preparation as we say it. Final year curriculum of B.Tech across India is mostly chilled out and relaxed. One can easily manage. And if you are sure about doing MBA, then I am sure that you will find time for yourself.There will be instances when you might feel that ‘this is not happening’ but I suggest you to somehow be self-motivated. Don’t be influenced by negative peer pressure. For this Exam season of NMAT to XAT prioritize your activities and Preparations should be at the top of your list.

If one exam does not go well, don’t be disheartened because every exam is unique. Maybe the next one is your kind of exam. The same happened to me. I did badly in CAT but exceedingly well in XAT which is actually the last as well as toughest MBA exam. Be ready to accept both the outcomes. That is the positive way to deal with it.



About the Author:
Gaurav Bachhawat
A Small-Towner, A Dreamer, A Learner.

Gaurav is pursuing his MBA in Marketing from Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneshwar(XIMB)  and is currently in 1st year. He is a knowledge seeker and keeps himself updated about happenings in the entrepreneurial world. He likes to address queries of MBA aspirants and help them in their MBA preparations.

Gaurav Bachhawat

Gaurav Bachhawat is a Marketing Management Graduate from Xavier Institute Of Management, Bhubaneshwar (XIMB). He works in India's Leading Sanitaryware company in Gurgaon.