A Story of Struggle and Grit.- Ashish Boxipatra, XIMB

Part A: Why Aditya Birla Group is big in your life? 

Future has the unusual habit of suddenly and dramatically becoming the present. – John Naisbitt. In the past, people used to get long-service recognition based on how long they are associated with the workplace but in future, some distinct factors like productivity, assimilation into a team, developing good relationships will also be considered.

Having prior experience of working with industry veterans helped me to understand how ABGLP has structured its leadership program. The five values of the group which serves as a guiding principle throughout their business are integrity, commitment, passion, seamlessness, and speed.

Aditya Birla Group’s operations span in 19 sectors in 35 countries, the offer is unmatched; tremendous industry exposure and countless exciting opportunities to gain experience and master in my field. As an aspiring individual who loves to savor challenges and eagerly grasp opportunities to prove my mettle.

ABGLP program will allow me to explore different functions before deciding on the vertical I wanted to work on. It’s quite exciting to understand how the group views their business, how they take calculated risk and how they go about their decision-making process.

Aditya Birla group is an extremely successful conglomerate and has a huge diversity of businesses starting from manufacturing to retail. This means that for any young individual like me it provides ample opportunities to work in different industries and functions.

Part B: How you overcame challenges to achieve your ambitions in life so far. ?

If you’ve ever been beaten down, ever cried in the night, ever wondered why life throws you curve balls you can’t possibly hit, you’ve been in the struggle.  The struggle is a part and parcel of every success story. It’s important to understand that success is not a destination but a journey.

My journey started from a small village in Rayagada district of Odisha. My father, who worked as a watch mechanic, is the sole breadwinner for my family. With two children to bring up, my parents did everything to provide a well-rounded life to me.

After passing my class 10th, I very well knew that I had to make a momentous change to support my family. I wanted to go to a good junior college but was hesitant due to the fee structure. I started taking tuitions & helped my father in his shop to reduce my financial burden on my family.

I completed my bachelors and went on to pursue my interest at Infosys. My parents are overwhelmed and are still coming to terms with the fact that their sacrifices did not go in vain.

I worked hard and got shortlisted in XIMB admission final list. The choice was tough as I had to let go of a secure job with decent pay and follow my dream or to stay where I was supporting my family. Then my father words resonated in my ears.

He used to tell me, “Find the thing which drives you and pour your heart into it to achieve it. Cultivate the value system in your life. What I think is that success and failure are part of the journey but what drives our life is our value system.” #ABGLP #ABGWOOME #XIMB  #ABGWOOMESEASON-2

Ashish Boxipatra

Ashish Boxipatra Pursuing MBA-Business Management from XIMB 2019-21. Professionally worked as a full stack developer with Infosys. He is an avid reader, a connoisseur of food, addicted to people and music.