A Tale Of Mighty Sea And A Small Sailor

The arrogant sea was in a rage.

He had allowed his waves to go wild. They were smashing the shore hard. The beach was shaking with fear. The coral rocks were being crumbled into pieces. Any boat that entered the sea would only return to the beach in pieces. Small pieces. With broken wills.

Indeed, the sea was in a rage and the waves were on fire.

None of the ships could stand in front of that dance of destruction. Big sailors decided to pull their bigger boats inside the safety of dock. There wasn’t even a single ship in the sea. The sea has marked his territory. Every floating object was either forced to return to the dock or had been smashed to the rocks. The arrogant sea has cleared every object from its waters. Now there were only waves, mocking all the sailors, who stood on the dock, with their hands held high and heart sliding down. The sea was smiling. He enjoyed the fear on the faces of those sailors. And all the sailors were watching this rage of the sea with a sea in their eyes.

All but one.

For the night was still young and the will was still strong.

A small boat, with a small sailor sailing it, entered the raging sea. The sailor has challenged the sea. Sea looked at that small sailor. And he commanded his waves to turn his boat to pieces.

But the sailor sailed his boat so skilfully, that even the waves couldn’t crush him. He would wait for the wave to come, and then climb on that wave and slowly slide down. Though the sailor was small, he has a heart of a lion and swift of a horse. He looked straight into eyes of the sea and dodged every wave sent by him. And the sea saw a hope in his eyes. A hope of not only to survive the rage of the sea but also to win this battle with him. A hope that made the sea nervous. The smile on the face of the sea disappeared. He sent his best waves to destroy that sailor. But the sailor dodged them again. The sea kept increasing the size of his waves and the sailor kept dodging them.

Sailors on the dock watched this duel between the small sailor and the gigantic sea. They had asked the small sailor to stay at the safety of the dock, not to take a risk and enter the waters. But now they cheered for him. The hope has spread from the eyes of that small sailor to the faces of the other ones. The dream of that small sailor was inspiring them.

The sea was worried now. A small sailor was challenging him with a small ship. And he was dodging all of his waves. The sea decided to use all his power to crush that small sailor. And he sent his biggest wave. That wave touched the sky and fell with all of its power on the small boat of that

small sailor. And it did the trick. Though the small sailor used all of his skill and strength to dodge this wave, he couldn’t. The wave crushed his boat and turned it into the pieces. And it threw the sailor to the beach.

The sea took a sigh of relief. That small sailor has made him run for his waves. But finally, he has emerged as victorious again. The smile on his face returned.

The arrogant sea came to the beach, where the small sailor was now struggling to stand up. He attacked him with another wave. The sailor fell to the ground. The sea laughed at him. And said, “See, I have crushed your boat to pieces. This is what happens to those who dare to challenge me.”

The sailor gathered all his strength and stood up. He looked again into the eyes of the sea. His eyes still had that hope. With a smile on his face, he said, “Tonight, the destiny will declare you as a winner. But remember, you have crushed my boat, but not my will. I shall challenge you again, oh mighty sea, cause there is still a lot of fight left in me.”

Abhishek Kshirsagar

A strategy consultant by profession, a writer by heart. You can follow him on Instagram at misguided.ghost._