AArunya’18 – The Cultural, Sports, Management Fest Of IIM Amritsar

The first ray of the sun, a revival of the slumber dreams, a diffusion of a newfound energy, an alarm of the endless power, and a new page to scribble a new success story. The first ray of the sun, entering through that small skylight, burning away the bleak cold, lighting up the dark, and subtly making a mark. The first ray of the sun, the harbinger of all the positives and positivities, a gift to rejoice and celebrate, the very existence of life.

AArunya, literally meaning the first ray of Sun, gives us, the students of Indian Institute of Management Amritsar, a reason to celebrate life in all its grandeur and august presence.

Indian Institute of Management Amritsar is hosting its second annual Cultural, Sports and Management fest, AArunya’18 on 3rd and 4th February 2018.


AArunya is the annual Cultural, Sports and Management fest of Indian Institute of Management Amritsar.

Literally meaning the first rays of the sun, AArunya represents the very soul and the entrepreneurial, enterprising spirit of the institute. In just three years of its inception, the institute will be organizing the second edition of its annual cultural, sports and management fest.

AArunya, a two-day extravaganza of happiness, is an opportunity for the students to douse themselves in the colours of various events promising a ride of exhilaration, passion and pure fun.



USP – Urja, Shakti, Pragati


The festival invites the students to savour the confluence of their Energies (Urja), Passion (Shakti) and Progress (Pragati) by participating in the multifarious events in the festival. We strongly believe that humans are explorers. They generally scout for the reasons that could fill their hearts with vim and verve, which then manifests in their lives as their own thumping success stories.

AArunya’18 provides the platform for such explorers to call forth their energies in the various cultural events like Group Dance, Ramp Walk, Stand-up Comedy Act, The Battle of the Strings etc., warm their bodies and prepare for a friendly battle in the sporting arena of Football, Cricket, Badminton etc. and finally open the Pandora box of their management and mental acumen by participating in various management events.

Thus it would be pretty safe to assume that AArunya’s USP depends on the USP of its participants.



The students are the soul and the heart of any festival. Their enthusiasm alone is enough to colour the spirits and transform any simple program into a zestful festivity. And in this mix, if a pinch of spice is added, a feast becomes an experience that becomes an unforgettable chapter.

With an aim to register themselves as such unforgettable chapters, AArunya’18 will feature the top bands of the country – Swastik and Sabr, the renowned stand-up artist Sumit Anand, the scintillating Hinanaaz and the groovy and electrifying DJ AceAxe.


To celebrate this festival with an unparalleled enthusiasm, we have geared up ourselves. But as they say, the happiness multiplies when shared; thus we genuinely await your presence. It is only the students that could make this festival, a festivity to be cherished in our hearts.

AArunya’18 is waiting to be mesmerized and awe inspired by your USP.

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