ABG: A Legacy as Old as India

PART A: Why is Aditya Birla Group big in your life?


Aditya Birla Group marked the genesis of an era by marking itself as the first business to enter the global market and achieving a prominent label for India internationally. The group has been recognized to be functioning since 1947, making it one of the first Indian businesses to be associated with international operations. Mr Aditya Birla had a dream: he aspired to make India as proficient as analogized to developed nations. He carried through his aspirations by erecting and molding a sustainable, successful international business domain in India during the time when globalization had not been introduced in India. In the business sphere, he solely, unassisted positioned India onto the global map. 


Aditya Birla Group is “big” in my life not only cause of its significant evolution and stature. This esteemed organization engaged my attention through upmarket archives and value methodologies. In a milieu where merchandisers try to advance by minimizing quotations or opting unethical mechanisms of trade, ABG has consistently fixated itself on orchestrating their businesses by ardent ethics and values even if it proposed a slower growth rate than preferred. 


This organization has been acknowledged to be in august stature for pivoting their regard onto one of the most vital asset of their organization- their people. As a prospective MBA student pursuing a degree in Human Resource Management, I am gratified to know about this esteemed organization and it is now my ambition to be a part of a firm where my endeavours in aggrandizing the holistic expertise of the employed workforce will be valued. 


Mr Birla also believed in proffering his good work to the society. ABG has diverse CSR programmes operating worldwide in all domains of the community, be it pedagogical practices, communal upliftment, healthcare or infrastructure evolution and growth. This was what mainly entranced me as I’ve been an active part of an NGO identified as ‘EcoFriends Community’ which labours in the field of environmental sustainability. In an extremely vying economy as ours, it is remarkable to view a global conglomerate thrive in business while sustaining its ethics and contributing to the furtherance of progress of the country and its people.




PART B: How did you overcome challenges to achieve your ambitions in life so far?



As a child I was extremely shy and diffident. My father’s job required us to constantly relocate which necessitated me to build new friendships more than often. Oftentimes I was the new girl in class that knew no one whereas everyone else had already established their own social factions in class. I found this cycle quite arduous but it did help me evolve as a person and establish numerous ties with many at various places.


In my third grade, my mother obligated me to join classical dance lessons. I had no interest in pursuing her decision but I had no other alternative as I would not have dared to challenge her absolute authority and that’s how I got ahead with my schooling in Kathak. 

I am eternally grateful to my mother for availing me this opportunity as it has opened me up and molded me into a fearless and spirited individual. 


After two years of Kathak schooling, my guru had to leave India to pursue her education abroad. This gap hindered my Kathak tutelage. The nexus between a Guru and Shishya isn’t easy replicate which made it a serious impediment when I tried to coach under different Gurus.


My Guru had returned back to India but I was oblivious to this happening until 8 years after she had first left as all this had transpired before the boom of internet in our country.

My lack of constant correspondence with her is one of my major rues. If I had been in touch with her, I would have completed my pro forma Kathak education by now and possibly could have taken this up as a weighty career opportunity. 


But this did not dissuade me from pursuing my goal. I began formal training in Kathak four years ago and I’ve qualified four national level exams. Although the prospects of becoming a professional dancer are bleak, Kathak has indoctrinated me in systematic living, self-discipline, hard work and perseverance. Predominantly, I find myself to now be undaunted and gregarious in all situations and aspire to quest after this art form till my limbs act in accordance to my passion in Kathak.



Saee Zoting

I am a prospective MBA student pursuing a degree in Human Resource Management from Xavier School of Human Resource Management (XIMB-XAHR).



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Satish Makhe

Nicely articulated. Introduction of ABG seems to be after great search and study. Wish you All The Best and Great Success at every moment of your life.


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