Abhijeet Nair – Passionate Photographer At SCMS Cochin

Whoever thinks management education is only about assignments, presentations and keeping up with deadlines, can think again. The two years of your PGDM can also be used to groom your overall personality, while shining as an individual on campus. Abhijeet Nair of SCMS Cochin School of Business, Cochin has definitely done that by taking his passion for photography to a whole new level. The perennial favourite at college fests, his work has also received a mention from National Geographic International. That should say it all about our Star on Campus. Of course, pictures speak louder than a thousand words, but we let Abhijeet do the talking today and describe his passion.

Abhijeet admits that his love for photography began when he was in school, but he really got the best platform to showcase his talent at SCMS Cochin. “I would think a lot about going to places to take pictures. But things started happening when I came to Kerala, God’s own country and joined the institute,” he explains. “The Media Relations Club gave me the opportunity to take photography seriously. I got to shoot different places, events, capture several eminent personalities, meet them and interact with them.” He also adds that it has been a good platform for his personal growth to a large extent.

While Abhijeet might have his roots in Kerala, he spent most of his years growing up in Delhi, which holds a special place in his heart. But for someone who is inclined towards Nature photography, coming to Cochin, and the stunning state on the whole, was the best thing that could happen. “Yes, it’s such a beautiful place and I want to explore it to the fullest with my camera in hand,” he says. “I like going to new places, but photography is not just about that. As a photographer you get to see different people, cultures, which are then actually recorded for life. That’s what I love about photography the most.”

Keeping up with his tight schedule at the institute and pursuing his passion hasn’t been easy for Abhijeet. But he looks at the positive that it has taught him, including the importance of time management and multitasking, which according to him are crucial life skills: “I think if you are really passionate about something you are going to make time for it. Taking time out to do what you love is vital for your overall well being.” It’s something he clearly has thought about and something that has impacted his decision of choosing a specialization in Banking and Insurance. He believes it will not only offer him a secure job, but time to pursue his passion as well.

Abhijeet admits that he is a reserved person, which is why photography is also a form of self expression for him. But somewhere in the future, he would like to combine the business skills he has learned at SCMS Cochin with his true love of; photography. “Yes somewhere down the line I see myself opening a studio, which will host interactive sessions with photographers, who shoot nature, wildlife etc, coming in from different parts of the country,” he explains. “It would be a platform to learn and grow for all who are keen on photography. It’s something I have thought about and will definitely work on.” Abhijeet is the perfect example that showcasesSCMS Cochin’s commitment to not only education in the classroom, but also to the individual and his or her development as a well-rounded person and passions in life.