Abhyudaya – The Cultural Soul Of IIM Nagpur Campus

In the scorching Delhi summers of 2018, the process of getting an admit offer from IIM Nagpur started with the WAT and PI at IIFT Delhi. My interview went well. I still remember my PI conversation when one of the professors extended his hand to offer me candy and I thought that he wanted to do a handshake, LOL.

Nevertheless, I converted my IIM Call and on a perfect monsoon morning in July 2018, I reached IIM Nagpur campus. While travelling from the railway station to the campus, I was fantasising on how the campus would look in real, going by the photos shared by the seniors. IIM N is temporarily nestled in a quiet and cosy VNIT Campus in the heart of Nagpur city; the permanent campus at MIHAAN is already under construction. To be honest, the temporary college arena surrounded by a lush green periphery and ambience was way better than what I had imagined.

We had an orientation planned for the first week. Day time belonged to the college authorities for all formal kind of activities and academic oriented stuff. But the night belonged to the students, interaction with the academic as well as the non-academic clubs and committees. Various clubs had planned multiple fun and brain tinkering activities based on random groups to help us break the ice among our batch mates. The first club that interacted with us was Abhyudaya, the cultural club of IIM Nagpur. I did not know the meaning of Abhyudaya until that night (Abhyudaya – Rise, prosperity, good fortune, elevation, success)  The activities planned by the seniors was amazing and all of us, the entire batch of 2018-20 had one of the most memorable nights of our entire college life till date, and yes, I count it from the days of graduation. The seniors of Abhyudaya club are one of the coolest people on campus. That night, I knew that this was the club I wanted to be a part of. Eventually, I made it to the club and am thrilled to pen down below what we do as a member of Abhyudaya, what we learn and how it goes in sync with regular academia.

We believe that we are all a family at IIM Nagpur and families celebrate everything together, thereby adding fun and liveliness to our B-School life. Listing down names of all the 40+ events that we at Abhyudaya organize on campus would not be possible. However, to mention a few, we celebrate all the major festivals celebrated across India, all the important days and many other fun fiesta activities. We also organise annual cultural events. One of our major events is Talent Night. Last year it saw a participation of around forty-eight in-house talented performers who enchanted the audience with their thrilling performances.

It is said that life does not teach us anything, but we learn from experience. However, being a part of Abhyudaya I have learnt numerous aspects that’s critical in our lives, both as a working professional and as an individual. Whenever a festival or event approaches, we can feel the expectations of the students. It is incredible how we have been able to fulfil all the hopes and conducted activities that made many lifetime memories for the students of IIM Nagpur. Conducting activities is now more fun than attending events. At the end of the day, when you see your mates gleaming with happiness and their laughter fills the campus, it makes all the efforts undertaken worth the hustle.

Dear batch of 2019-2021, 

The PGP 2018-20 students of IIM Nagpur awaits your arrival. We hope to see you in July 2019 and plans to make it the best welcoming week of your life.

About the Author: Ananya Misra is a PGP 2018-20 candidate at IIM Nagpur. On campus, apart from regular classes, he will always be seen busy with the events and activities to keep the fun mode on so as to counter the academic rigour. He is a member of Abhyudaya, the cultural club at IIM Nagpur.