The Absorbing Culture – IIM Kashipur

I cannot recall how many cups of coffee I finished while deciding how should I start, and the dilemma is obvious, there are numerous reasons and none is second to other. But finally, I decided to start with the place itself, Kashipur, A location unheard of and different from 99% of the B-School locations.


The uniqueness of the location can gaze from three angles, First is obviously nature, situated at foothills of Himalayas, we have Jim Corbett and Nainital as our weekend gateway, Kashipur is a placed endowed with lots of natural scenic beauty and winters are bliss for us. Second is when you realize that you are close to one of the densest industrial belt of the country, with more than 200 industries located in the radius of less than 50 Kms from our campus facilitating lots of industry-academia tie-ups and a place for practical learning in Operations Management. Third is the rural neighbourhood, Kashipur is hardly 200 Kms from National Capital and it provides us with both urban and rural exposure, in fact, we have a dedicated course on Rural Marketing involving rural excursion.


We have a second big differentiator, Our 200 acres of lush green permanent campus endowed with world class infrastructure. Unique features that provide us an edge are:

  • State of art classrooms designed scientifically to provide ample lightings, ambient temperature, green boards and projectors are visible from every corner such that students can concentrate and sessions are highly interactive.
  • Library and Knowledge Bank – Fully equipped library with an abundance of offline and online resources for students to deep dive into the world of management and find information about anything and everything.
  • Radiant cooling system – A bad weather can be a damper in your progress but not when you’re at IIM Kashipur, our radiant cooling system manages to maintain temperature between favorable range and keeps us in good mood always.
  • Amphitheatre – A beautiful arena inspired from Greek culture fostering cultural diversity and respect along with talent in students of IIM Kashipur. A midnight walk at Amphitheatre is always a coveted experience for us.
  • 24-hour power backup and High Speed Uninterrupted Internet – In this VUCA environment, the importance of these amenities cannot be ruled out and we are fortunate to have it.

Student Activities

Like any other premiere B-School, we have all the management clubs and committees and Dozens of student competitions keeping us engaged throughout the year, but what we’ve extra is the presence of interest based clubs that focus on Life skills, values, empathy towards the people and much more. Some of these clubs are:

  • Parivartan Club – Popularly known as the CSR club of IIM Kashipur. Parivartan club provides us with the opportunity to give back to the society. Parivartan club organizes drives for donating books, clothes, Bicycle Rallies and Nukkad Natak for creating awareness and much more.
  • Lit Club – If you’re someone who is into public speaking and literature than Lit club is your go to place. Lit club organizes debates, group discussions, and other events to foster oratory skills among students of IIM Kashipur
  • GAMBIT – The Gaming club of IIM Kashipur. Gambit plays an important role in keeping us motivated amidst this rigor. They organize sessions for Popular strategy games like Mafia, counter strike, PUBG and many other games.
  • Some of the other famous interest based clubs are Quest, Bikers Club and Creative Studios.

Entrepreneurship Focus

Fostering Entrepreneurship has always been a key differentiator for IIM Kashipur. To harness the self-starter and go-getter attitude of our students, we have an Entrepreneurship Cell (E-Cell) doing a phenomenal job in transforming our students from Job Seekers to Job Providers. E-Cell conducts UTTISHTHA the annual E-Summit inviting renowned entrepreneurs to come and interact with students live imparting their wisdom and resolving students queries. Very soon we’ll have our own startup incubation center. Moswap, Mofosys Technologies, Lamamia, Kraftkhana are some of the successful startups founded by IIM Kashipur Alumni.

Alumni Connection

We have strong Alumni base of more than 500 alumni who are well connected, working in variety of sectors across the world. Our Alumni Relations Committee plays an important role in arranging periodic sessions and Annual city meets for strong bonding between alumni and guiding the upcoming batches. Alumni also help us in getting opportunities to learn and work with the industries.

Competitiveness and Industry Academia Tie-ups

Competitiveness is something which is in our blood. Students of IIM Kashipur actively take part and perform exceptionally well in hundreds of National and International level case study competitions and management events bringing laurels to institute. Also Our Placement Committee and Corporate Relations Cell ensure that our students have practical exposure of applying concepts learnt in class by providing us with opportunities to work on live projects, internships and other engagements with industries such that we are Industry ready when we step into the work life.


Another cutting-edge differentiator is focused on imparting quality education. IIM Kashipur can proudly brag to have 30+ core faculties and 60+ visiting faculties. Institute has 6 Degree programs, 10+ online certification programs and Management Development Programs. Institute is famous for its excellence in Operations Management and provides 6+ specializations. IIM Kashipur also provides specialization in popular and coveted Analytics Track. Institute has 13 Bloomberg terminals and subscription of dozens of E-data resources like Gartner, Indiastat, Crisil and much more. The Case study and Project-based pedagogy is something that not only provides us with first-hand experience but also clears every single doubt.

This list can be exhaustive but according to me, the most important differentiator is Life at IIM Kashipur, we practice learning by doing, The rigour of completing assignments till 3 Am and preparing for next day till 5 is followed by relaxing gala time with friends during the weekend. Work hard party harder is always in the air at this place.

The ABG company I would like to work with is “Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited”

I have a family background of textile business and I have closely observed apparel industry right from manufacturing to post sale service stage for both men and women. I have experience of working at the grass root level and I am well aware with the practices followed in industry, customer choice, pricing strategy, and scrolling through latest fashion online is like a hobby to me. I have applied management concepts learnt during MBA to my family retail outlet and obtained good results. Owing to all this, I would like to make my career with Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited.

About the author:

Ankit Choudhary is a PGP student at IIM Kashipur with experience of working in a variety of sectors including textile, energy, pharmaceutical, education and several others. Ankit is a creative and entrepreneurial person who always strives to learn and grow. Ankit has a strong business acumen and is enthusiastic about building his career in the field of management consulting to leverage his knowledge of multiple sectors and ability to think from multiple angles.

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