Accenture Management Consulting – Interview Experience #6

A finance interview in a consulting firm. That’s something different, isn’t it?

Read how this IIM Lucknow student & SRCC alumna landed an internship at Accenture Consulting with her clear concepts about finance.

Keep reading more such experiences, as we have interviews from Finance, Marketing and GenMan companies lined up. You can also check out previous years’ experiences here.


INTERVIEW Experiences


Company Name: Accenture Management Consulting

Business School: IIM Lucknow

Actual Interview Experience:

Round 1: Round 1 was the HR Interview with questions covering the following-

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. Why Consulting?
  3. What have you done in IIM Lucknow all this while?

Round 2: The round with Asia Pac head started with him asking me which horizontal or Vertical I see myself in. On mentioning Finance, the whole interview revolved around Financial Management and Investment concepts besides basic FRA. Questions on Capital Asset Pricing model. Other models to measure risk (Harry Markovitz model)

  1. Which one is better? NPV vs IRR
  2. My stand on US- Syria war, Hong Kong protests
  3. Why consulting?
  4. How has the journey been so far in IIM Lucknow?

Round 3: The partner wanted to testify the claims made by the second round interviewer about my inclination towards Finance. He gave me situations and asked me what impact each event or transaction will have on Profit and loss statement, Balance sheet and Cash flow statement.

Questions about companies preferring lower profit or higher profit (Shareholder confidence vs tax evasion).

Questions on Income tax provisions, indirect tax provisions. Further questions covering accounts, ratios, interpretation of financial statements

Areas of Strength: Clarity of thought in talking about my area of interest. Structure, coherence in HR answers


Anything else you may want to add:

  1. Know your CV really well
  2. Maintain your calm, it shows.
  3. Enjoy the process


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