How To Ace Campus Placements – Take The Challenge

At InsideIIM and Konversations, we’ve created and curated all the guidance you’ll need to get ahead of your peers as you compete for the most desired jobs on campus. Because this is what it boils down to for most final year MBA students, isn’t it? Some time this month, your first post-MBA job will get sealed. All of you have probably set your sights on a certain dream job. There’s only one way to make sure that you actually land that dream job – Prepare Hard, and Prepare Better Than Anyone Else.

To ensure that the InsideIIM community fully benefits, most of the below content is available for free. So, now there is no excuse for you to be unprepared 🙂

The Final Placement Challenge – Finance Edition: 

Prepping for finance roles is usually cumbersome. But now it’s not too bad with this challenge, which includes a comprehensive course, covering all the areas you need to know in Finance. Also included is a course to guide you on the softer aspects of preparation, such as resume-building, GD and interviews.

As mentioned before, you pay nothing for these courses. That’s right. The 2 courses are absolutely free, provided you meet the deadlines to complete them (Yes, deadlines never stop, especially not in the real world :-/) Start the Challenge 


The Final Placement Challenge – Marketing Edition: 

Use this bunch of courses to make sure you are prepared for Sales & Marketing roles during placements. The challenge includes 5 power-packed courses, covering areas you need to revise in marketing, sales and even a course to guide you on the softer aspects of preparation such as resume-building, GD and interviews.

The combined price for all these courses is upwards of INR 10,000. But you pay a highly discounted price for ONLY the last two courses. That’s right. The first 3 courses are absolutely free, provided you meet the deadlines to complete them. Start the Challenge


The Ultimate Final Placement Prep: If you’re already well versed with all the essential concepts, OR are pursuing a specialization other than Finance or Marketing, then this one might help you. In a single place, we’ve put together all the soft skills guidance you need for placements – Making Your Resume Stand Out, How to Research a Company, Common Interview Questions and Suggested Answers, Acing GDs and even tips on Personal Grooming for both men and women. This course also has 36 real interview experiences, curated from InsideIIM, available in a single place. And yes, this one is completely free too. (This course is already covered in the Placement Challenges mentioned above, so don’t do this one if you already went through one of the challenges.) Start the Course

After all this great prep, don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to getting noticed by recruiters and peers. One way to do this is by submitting your profile for becoming “India’s Most Employable MBA Grad”, an initiative that we run every year. 50 students get selected from the hundreds of profiles we receive. Besides sharing these profiles with our partner recruiters, we also do a feature story on each of the 50 candidates. This is a great hack to build your personal brand among recruiters and peers. Find out how you can get on this exclusive list. 

And finally, if you’re feeling down or lost at any point during the placements process, come back to InsideIIM and read this article or this article, to get some perspective and stay balanced. Sure, campus placements is an important event, but it’s just one part of your life. The most important thing (and consequently, also one of the most difficult) during your placement week, is to simply stay true to yourself and not get carried away by the hype. All the best!

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