Aditya Birla Group- Corporate Pioneer – IMT Ghaziabad

Aditya Birla group – A brand I associate with trust and values. A pioneer in corporate which has been in game for more than 5 decades. Being 90’s kids, I have witnessed growth and development around me drastically. From the use of black and white TV to laptops, transformation of small building into skyscrapers and from use of Landline phone to feature phones to android devices. Aditya Birla group has also a role to play in this. It has made its presence felt in the field of textile, agribusiness, cement, chemicals, retail, telecommunications and what not. It has impacted my life through its telecommunication services – Idea cellular network. In the supercharged landscape that is Indian telecom, idea held its ground and maintained its growth slowly, steadily and silently. It’s not what they offered but entering into such market where already other telecom operators were well established and maintaining good growth was commendable. In my hometown, we faced lots of network connectivity issues by the services offered by other cellular network. Idea landed and made huge difference. Its services were excellent and network availability were much better and made connectivity much easier. Usually in the remote area, it is quite difficult to stay connected but idea as a cellular network has its infrastructure expansion covering remote areas as well thus making our life easier. Also, its active participation in CSR activities such as Angrezi seekkho and KHEL, company is impacting society at grass root level.  

Life is a roller coaster ride with lots of ups and downs, mix of good and bad, happy and sad moments. Sometimes life throws challenge at you and you end up in a difficult situation. It is from this point of inflection, it is decided whether you are the person who accepts the challenge and believes in proving your mettle or give up like any other individual. It is make and break point of anyone’s life. I landed in similar situation nearly 20 months ago when i entered my professional life and joined my first firm. I landed in a team where there was not much of interaction and people confined themselves to their work only. I as a fresher faced lots of difficulty as i needed support for my work but my colleagues were hesitant as there was synnergy in our team and it was quite difficult to get professional support. I felt this needs to be changed as i needeed this change most. I thought of starting fun at work activities in my team, a practise that prevelent in other teams but not in mine as there was. This enabled team members to jel up with each other and after a span of few months they all opened up with each other and worked in synergy. This legacy has continued in my team and juniors took over this task and chain continued.

manish kumar

Manish Kumar, pursuing PGDM, IMT ghaziabad