Aditya Birla Group: The rising sun of India – IMT Ghaziabad

Challenges have away been part of life for everyone, for me, the biggest challenge was to move out of my family business to study for management entrance exams. After my graduation, I’d decided to join my family business before going for an MBA. After two years I realize that it was time to move back to my dream of pursuing a career in management, I had to convince my parents that I wanted to move on to the corporate world and step out of the family business but they wanted me to pursue the family business. After convincing them I had to get myself back into the study mode. It had been a huge challenge as I had been away from academics for 2 years and getting back into the competitive exam environment took me a while, but I was determined to secure my future in a reputed B-school. Hence, I applied full concentration in order to succeed, despite having to attend family business every once in a while, to solve issues of production.

I had to manage my time between preparation and the work, learning from my mistakes I made in mocks during my preparing and work towards the goal along with making sure learning is not compromised by getting too focused on the end result. As my reading speed had been slower as compared to the standards of the CAT aspirants, I had to read a lot and fitting all that in the hectic schedule was quite a difficult task for me. I started reading during my commute time and tried to read a variety of content, which was challenging at first but after a while, I got used to it. In the end, I was able to crack the entrance exam for MBA and secured admission in one of the reputed B-schools of this country.

How the Aditya Birla Group influenced my life

Aditya Birla Group is the first Indian conglomerates which come to the mind when we think of an Indian group that has left an impact on our life. From having your first taste of food backed by the “Balwan” brand of fertilizers, to the days carrying food wrapped in “Hindalco Freshwrapp” aluminum foil. “Idea” providing me connectivity with the outside world, to “Pantaloons” as go-to for apparel needs. Roads leading to our dream college built by, to the first suit I brought from “Peter England” Aditya Birla Group has been omnipresent all throughout my life. ABG has been a source of trust and belief that every Indian had in their heart, the logo itself demonstrates the legacy and ever-changing nature of group towards modernity, serving as a beacon of hope for the people just like the sun that doesn’t refuse to shine even on the worst days.

ABG has provided people with multiple brands that cater to the needs of the farmers that consist of 70% of the population of rural India to the Fashion brands that keep the young generation inspired to move forward and use their potential to the fullest. ABG has inspired me to move forward in my life, gaining knowledge and inspiring others just like the sun that spread its light to every corner, illuminating it and inspiring it to grow with new zeal. ABG has helped everyone by establishing Indian brands providing quality products at competitive prices, providing employment opportunities to rural India making them grow to their fullest along with the company.