Aditya birla group – Transforming life

You must have come across your parents say- “Padh lo, tum Kisi Tata ya Birla ki family se nahi ho”. (Go and study, you are not from the Tata’s or Birla’s family). I don’t have a count on how many times have I heard this statement in life. Probably I was so small when I first heard this statement that I did not even realize that these are two big names who have created a history and continue to give us testimonies of their achievements. Yes, that’s how I got to know that there’s something called as Tata and there’s something called as Birla and that they have really made a great deal.

But that’s how my curiosity led to me to ask my father about Tata and Birla. Let’s talk about Birla. So, here goes the story, my father said to me while I was a kid- Birla is a company headquartered in Mumbai, with a wide presence in over 35 countries. The company started off with cotton and jute trading business and later on started expanding and now has a presence on a wide variety of sectors such as cement industry, textiles industry, fashion industry, telecom services and financial services.

Its values are Integrity, Passion, Commitment, Seamlessness and Speed. The company has done justice to all the values. It has shown its seamlessness by connecting with people’s emotions. Ultra Tech cement which helps “build beautiful homes” and “connects people” has always been at the core of our heart. Idea cellular, one of the largest telecom company has helped us communicate to our relatives across the nation. It has shown its integrity and passion with its brands such as Van Heusen, Allen Solly, Peter England and Louis Philippe which gives a sense of pride and integrity when we wear them. It generates confidence and passion within us with us with its touch. It generates speed with its great services and products.  

The company is like a living soul, living inside everybody’s heart and creating a difference. Yes, and that’s the most important part- to create an impact, to create a difference. And it would be like a dream come true to get an opportunity to get associated with the company and say to my parents- Ab mai Birla ki family se hoon (Now I am a part of the Birla family) and yes it’s really a big deal.