Advanced Oral Communication Course At IIM Lucknow

Another great course I took this term was the Advanced Oral Communication Course or AOC which is taken by Professor Neerja Pande. She belongs to arts field and was brought up in Lucknow itself.  This course from the communications department is very different from the typical courses at a B-School, yet it is as or more essential than the ones taught across both years.

Having reached almost the close of my MBA Journey, it would be difficult to ignore the importance of good oral communication. Right from clearing the GD/WAT/PI to get into a b-school to final placements, spoken English and a good grip on delivery go a long way with each student. This turned out to be that one course that would immensely help in placement preparation but it also helped in bettering delivery of presentations in other courses.

To state some of the activities done in the class, I will talk about those that were evaluated and not evaluated both. The mid-term examination was a group exercise where 3 topics were given and a group of 5 people had to deliver a 5-minute presentation on the topic. For instance, my group picked up the statement, “And that is who you call a master persuader…” and discussed the Blue Whale Challenge and Emma Watson’s HeforShe Campaign as a part of the speech.

The end term examination also emphasised on creating a context and delivering a well-prepared solo speech to persuade the person in question about a topic that you strongly feel for. A couple of classes were dedicated to philosophers, their beliefs and anecdotes from their lives. The Story of Philosophy by Will Durant being the course book completely justified this discussion.

Frameworks from Aristotle, and many others were discussed at length to help better delivery of the class. The course was fun yet enriching, relaxing yet filled with tasks and activities. It was filled with exactly what a manager of tomorrow must focus and try to focus on. All in all, it was a brilliant course to have picked up as part of my electives. I’m sure other colleges also have such interesting courses to offer than I would love to hear about, especially in the field of communication.



Nipun Gupta

Honest review indeed . (Pun intended ). I am a present iquanta student (crash course) and have been taught and mentored by Indrajeet Singh . In no form whatsoever I faced the issues highlighted . These are purely opinionated and directed to defame Indrajeet sir and iquanta . Ironically when the new batch enrollment is to start for 2018. I smell a conspiracy here and request to look into this matter seriously. And get rid of ridiculous arguments about anyone , who knows next article is about insideiim.