Agnitraya5.0 – When Adrenaline Rushed In The North – IIM Kashipur

In B-schools, especially in an IIM annual fests are something which everyone yearns for during the whole year because in the midst of constant academic crisis who would not want a few days of constant fun.

Agnitraya, the flagship annual event of IIM Kashipur, encompasses events pertaining to all the three domains of Management, Cultural and Sports. The fifth edition of Agnitraya made its presence among the students three months prior to its execution with the core team briefing the first year students about the event and selected a team of hundred junior members in addition to the senior ones and that was when it all began.



The first task was to come up with the ultimate theme because obviously, who hosts a fest without a theme? So Game of Thrones was heading towards us this fall and we happen to be the IIM in the North, so why not a fest on Game of Thrones? So that was it, we had our theme. What followed was three months of constant work – getting in touch with the colleges, brainstorming venue ideas and making all the necessary arrangements. The PR team, Venue team and Procurement team worked day in and out for the success of the event. Finally, the D day was here. It was 23rd November. The three days for which we have been working so hard were finally here.



Participants from several prestigious colleges like IIM Rohtak, IRMA, DIT University, IMI Delhi and many more visited the campus to have a go at their talent on our stage. Apart from the events in the domain of Management, Cultural and Sports, Agnitraya had three pro nights, Comedy nights, Sunburn and The Local Train Gig.  The event began with the inauguration ceremony and went live for the next 72 hrs. After multiple events on Day one, to relax everyone’s nerves Agnitraya hosted Comedy nights in association with Bharat Bass Festival where comedians Raju Kumar Sah, Rakesh Addlakha and Saurabh Pandey made the crowd crack up into endless laughs. Most people have a misconception about comedy that it’s about making people laugh at the moment, but real comedy makes people laugh until after the moment when they remember the shared anecdotes and burst into laughter. It was something which most of us realized that day.



The second day of Agnitraya again had a multiplicity of events including “Prayas”, India’s biggest CSR case study competition. In addition to that the Lit Club of IIM Kashipur, in association with The Social house, hosted Abhivyakti, where budding poets and storytellers found themselves a platform to tell their stories. The end of the day was marked by the EDM night hosted by Sunburn. International DJ Julia Bliss enthralled the crowd with her hypnotic music. So the obvious happened and for the next three hours the crowd grooved on the tantalizing musical notes and finally, the second day came to an end.



The third day started with some beautiful dance performances followed by the amazing band performances in the “Battle of bands”. From rock to metal it was all there for us to cherish. To close the day Agnitraya had a gig by The Local Train, the countrywide famous rock band. It was an electrifying performance as the band pelted out its famous hits one after the other. The band rocked the stage and the hearts of the audience into a great abyss; quoting the lead artist “The best audience they have had in days”. Thus the day came to an end and so did the fifth edition of Agnitraya. The organizers celebrated the success of the event with a huge cake and in this way, the 72-hour live campus came to rest.

IIM Kashipur

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