It is that time of the year again when, Ahvan, IIM Indore’s annual management festival is on the horizon. Ahvan, which literally means “evocation”, plays host to a gamut of events across several domains of management to test the mettle of the post-graduate student community across India. Started off as ‘Iris’ in 2001 and rechristened as ‘Ahvan’ in 2009, the annual management festival of IIM Indore has gained prominence on the B-School circuit across India. Over the past few years, participation across the top B-Schools has increased many folds along with increased involvement of several top-notch corporate houses.

Ahvan 2013, the 14th edition of the event will be held in Indore over a span of three days from 6th to 8th December. This year’s theme at Ahvan is “Inimitable, Instinctive, Inspirational”. A great business leader is someone who has the ability to inspire a group of people instinctively in his own inimitable style. At Ahvan 2013, IIM Indore sets out in its quest to find the future business leaders across various domains.

The events at Ahvan have evolved over a period of time to include several themes spread across various management domains. Every business graduate worth his salt has something in store for him at Ahvan, be it finance, business consulting or sales and marketing. This is what makes Ahvan a truly unique event. Some of the flagship events at Ahvan are Ashwamedha, Neetishastra, Chanakya, Kluless, Gordian Knot and Kalpavriksha.

Ashwamedha, an event spread over 45 days, aims to select ‘India’s best leader’ among the best managerial talent across the country. The event tests the contestants on a broad repertoire of skills such as leadership, intellect, team work and ingenuity. Chanakya, the flagship business consulting event requires the contestants to apply the skills of diagnosis, analytical thinking and problem solving as they work on real life challenges. Gordian Knot, the flagship sales and marketing event is one-of-a-kind event in India. It tests a plethora of sales and marketing skills based on several marketing concepts. Neetishastra is an SME consulting event that aims at solving real-time problems of SMEs in and around Indore. Kluless, the premier event based on originality and creativity, is an online quizzing event played by participants across continents. On the other hand, Ahvan is not only about hard core business events. There are events such as My Campaign and Kalpavriksha, where participants use the business principles to develop social campaigns and promoting entrepreneurship. Samanvay, another event with a heart, aims at making inclusive growth a reality and ensure harmonious socio-economic development of the nation. Other events at Ahvan include Chain Reaction, Finance League, I-Rising and Adapt among others, which are spread over various domains such as operations & supply chain management, finance, marketing etc.

As they say, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. The culmination of the three day event is marked off by LiveWire, which features some breath-taking live performances from eminent artists in the music industry.

On the B-School calendar, Ahvan has been earmarked as an event to watch out for and this year it promises to be even better. Don’t miss out on it!