All You Need To Know About The Selection Process At SIBM-Hyderabad

Just like most B-Schools in India, SIBM-Hyderabad too has a multi-stage selection process to filter students. SIBM-H had introduced a revised selection process last year as against its earlier year. The selection process would most likely continue to be the same. The GE-PI-WAT selection process has 4 parts – 1) Psychometric Test 2) Group Exercise 3) Personal Interview 4) Written Ability Test.

The Psychometric test was a new addition as most Symbiosis affiliated colleges have the GE-PI-WAT process with Group exercise, Personal Interview and Written ability test as its core component for evaluation.

The WAT round encompasses topics of socio-economic relevance to some of the most generic topics, the WAT round looks to evaluate an individual’s articulate skills, the structure of thoughts and time-management.
The Group Exercise at SIBM-H unlike most colleges has a group activity that involves a task to be completed in a stipulated time limit. The panel looks to evaluate an individual’s team dynamics, OTB quotient (out of the box). It’s not just about the initiation but also how well you gel with your teammates and your ability to weave with different coloured threads and your ability to put across and justify your work.

The Psychometric Test looks to identify an individual’s clarity of thought and the subtle traits of an individual which is hard to capture through the other rounds.

The last leg of the entire process is the Personal Interview round which holds the maximum weight-age. The PI round generally focuses on an individual’s decision-making skills, the rationality of thoughts, articulate skills, consistency of thoughts, news-making events to evaluate a candidate’s ability to critically analyse a given piece of information, academic and professional background.
Individuals with an LOR have an extra edge over others but nevertheless, that gap could be covered with an exceptional performance across all rounds.




About the Author:

Paniendradutt Kolluru – Batch 2016-2018.


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