Aman Vaishnav’s Interview Experience At SIBM Bengaluru

After giving many interviews this year and after being thoroughly prepared for the GD-PI-WAT process at SIBM Bengaluru, I thought nothing could go wrong now on. It all started at 8 AM in the morning, the GD topic and WAT process was simple and had truly made some wonderful points in the process. Now the time was for the PI. The panellist was the same from the GD. They welcomed me and started with a question. “So you have left your job, right? I knew I have to give the reason behind it but as I started, they interrupted me and asked about the thermodynamics’s concepts which I answered correctly.

Now I think they saw the blue moon in the day and started firing questions. The lady (Panel A) started like this, I really think that the marketing is the only thing that adds a value to the product, what do you think. I answered that it is the integration of ops, mark and fin which would eventually add some values to the product which both the panels denied and said no we don’t see that, in spite of being correct definitely. Later it all went to the operations, “explain six sigma” which I gave the definition (straight away from the wiki) and they were like negative. Panel B : It’s not correct, you sure? and I said I’m sure. Suddenly a voice raises and the lady says “basically you are saying that don’t take me at SIBM Bengaluru!” This question was hard to be gulped, though I answered it by saying, the SIBM Bengaluru is my aspirational b-school. And they asked me about the book I have read which I gave the summary. Finally, it was the time and I left saying thank you.

It was kind of a shrilling interview but I was correct in every answers, I gave and I’m hoping to get a convert. So peers, be prepared, you are surely going to face one and the strongest will survive!

Aman Vaishnav

Aman is a current PGDM student in International Management Institute, New Delhi. He is a Finance enthusiast and an avid reader. His hobbies include writing, playing football and volunteering for social causes.