Ambitions require a lot more than just hard work – Gagandeep Bhatia, NMIMS Mumbai

Raised in a conservative family, parents working for meagre wages and barely enough money to make ends meet. The description doesn’t sound like that of a person who would be writing this article or would be studying at a premier B-School. However, that is the humble background that I was raised in, a father who was a long time heart patient and a mother who ran a roadside stall to make ends meet that was the description of my parents and all the hard work they put in to make my sister and I the people we are today. It was around the end of second year of my engineering when I lost my father and around the end of the fourth year when I had to make a choice, a choice between leaving my family behind and moving to a new city. Work with the company that I wanted and that could lead to a better future or work in the same city I was raised in and play it safe. The choice was rather tough but I had to make it and that’s how Hyderabad happened in my life. The second situation was around a year ago when I had received the admission shortlist from NMIMS and I had to again make a choice. To leave a secure job with a decent pay and follow my dream or to stay where I was and look after my mother’s deteriorating health. Once again the choice was tough but I had to take the decision and NMIMS happened in my life, it’s been a year since the journey began and my mom is fine and things are taking a turn for the better but my learning from both the situations is the fact that in life there are no safe bets. You need to take the stand and make your choices and work hard to make those choices the right choices, take risks, fall, pick yourself again, dust your clothes and continue to walk forward. #NMIMSMumbai #ABGLPWooMe

Gagandeep Bhatia

An MBA student trying to make the best of the two worlds professional experience and personal learning and growth.