Amidst The Mountains – The Outbound Learning Experience – SCMHRD Pune

On the eventful day of the 4th of June, the silver jubilee batch of SCMHRD embarked upon the tumultuous 2 year journey of crests and troughs called MBA. While on the journey, SCMHRD inculcates the spirit of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam- “The world is one big family.” We understood its true meaning at the Outbound Program.

In the wee hours of the morning of the 7th of June, we headed off to the Outbound Learning Program organised by OUTFIT.  Some were thrilled with the tortuous roads while some, hysterical and overwhelmed but none could miss gasping at the beauty of nature we witnessed. Singing songs and munching snacks, we reached “Surya Shibir” resort around 8:30 am. The fresh unpolluted air was nothing like we had breathed in a while and we’d already started feeling refreshed.  Upon reaching, we were allocated big dorms/rooms. We were then greeted by the members of OUTFIT who were trained professionals and mountaineers who sorted us into different teams (A, B, C, D) and two groups were sent for a trek which was the highlight of the whole event.  Grabbing sweet berries and fruits from the trees, we walked and trekked with undying fervour but since most of us weren’t regular trekkers, we kept slipping and falling but the ardour to make it to the zenith prevailed. It was when we reached the top that we realized that the summit was worth the climb with a sight to behold. Some danced with joy, some clicked pictures to save memories to be cherished later while some just sat in silence to let the beauty and the combined feeling of contentment and achievement sink in.

After returning to the resort, we had lunch and were given some time to freshen up, only to return to the ground to participate in activities aiming at strategising, team building, developing trust, leadership, time management and motivation, all of which are indispensable qualities required to be a successful manager. It was not just all work and no play, we also had fun activities like crossing a Burma Bridge and Valley Climbing. What followed was an ice-breaking session wherein we were asked to make caricatures to describe each other. In the short breaks given to us, we explored the resort which was home to a plethora of animals and birds, the sight of the little Avibase and the pink dragonflies being the most captivating.  We sang and danced and acted with lifted spirits in the cultural program wherein we showcased our talents as teams following which we had dinner and called it a day.

Waking up the following morning at 5 am, we were asked to assemble for another series of exercises post which we had a banner making competition to display our creative and innovative selves. The two-day affair ended with the declaration of the team who came up with the best banner which was presented to the director.

We had one of the most exhausting yet enthralling times of our lives which undeniably helped us overcome our apprehensions and prepared us for what is to follow next in the two-year roller coaster ride.

As they say, the hardest thing about any task is just getting started. And now that we have, the silver jubilee batch is getting steeled to make history!