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One question that I struggled a lot to answer, Have you ever been a part of any social service? Are you associated with any association which looks after the well being of society? I always used to scratch my head and revisit my past and wonder that there might be one incident which brought revolution but I was always left with a blank answer. But now when I look back, the situation is not the same. After being a part of a premium B school I can look at this question with a different perspective. We often do not observe the small things around us which do bring a huge change in the lives of people. 

I remember that ‘Idea’ was the first sim in my family. I was so fascinated by the use of the Internet on mobile that I often used to exhaust the Internet pack limit. But my father being a believer of the use of technology as a boost to education, he changed the prepaid connection to postpaid which led to uninterpreted internet. The speedy change of connection did not bring a break in my life. One day when I visited a hospital for my normal eye check-up I saw a patient who was suffering from an acute skin infection. I overheard the conversation between him and the receptionist regarding the discounts. So I assumed that due to his weak financial status, he might not able to get admitted in that hospital. Looking at his situation I immediately searched over the Internet and gave him the list of the possible government hospitals where he could get his treatment done. Later in the day, I got a call from him stating that he has been admitted to the hospital as suggested by me. It was an amazing feeling. I didn’t do something outstanding but my one search saved his life and helped him from shredding a lot of money. The immediate solution what my Idea connection brought was not less than a magic wand for him. 

“An Idea can change your life” the tagline of Idea completely justify the place it holds in the people’s life. ABG through its unique and varied products has been the touch points of bringing change in millions of people’s life. The five values of the company  Commitment, integrity, speed, passion, and seamlessness have redefined the people’s lifestyle.


Sakshi Gupta

Sakshi Gupta pursuing PGDM in marketing from TAPMI, Manipal


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