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Very Good! Excellent!

You must be wondering why I have written the above two words. Let me just say that these two words play a major role in life at IIM Ranchi.

I just entered my room and pushed the door clips and suddenly I heard a noise, a noise of “knocking” on dark brown “Heaven’s door” of mine, I opened it. A slim figure was standing right in front, dressed in a dull “khaadi dress” of the same colour as my door. With neatly tied and oiled hair, dark spots on the wheat-ish cheeks, a woman, I believe in her late 30’s but was looking like 10 odd years older than actual, on her slender hands encircled in the red plastic bangles with silver serpent design one in each rested a white notebook.

I asked “Didi kya hua?”, she replied in the softest of tones “Bhaiya, isme likh dijiye.” I was perplexed. After seeing that notebook I got to know that whomsoever’s room was cleaned, they were to provide feedback and hence the notebook. I wrote “good” hesitantly as I was reluctant to give praising remarks for her work. Then she put the notebook and the pen in a plastic bag. She picked her mop which was resting against the wall, witnessing the whole act, and then the dustbin outside which was waiting to be dragged again to another flat. As a person who loves to greet and converse with people, I started greeting her and hence it sort of created a sense of mutual respect towards her.

On regular days of college, we submit the keys of our rooms to the guards on duty for our rooms to be cleaned by the cleaning staff. On Friday I did the same. I returned after a hectic day at college and asked for the key from the guard. He said, “It’s still with the cleaning staff”. He and I went to search for the staff since my door was still locked. I found the same Didi and she had the key. I asked her “Didi, our koi nahi hai kya safaai karne wala aapke saath?” She replied, “Bhaiya, aaj sab chutti par hain.” I asked “Toh aap bhi chutti kar lete.” She replied “Agar hum bhi kar lete to safaai kaun karta.” At that moment, I was compelled to think about the sheer diligence and professionalism shown by her. These qualities and convictions are shown by all the supporting staff and guards around here. Since that day, I started to respect her more. And that day I wrote “Excellent” in the feedback copy. There were times when I helped cleaning the spider webs with the help of her broom that she carried while she was busy mopping the floor outside.

A few days back, I was coming from the ground after playing my favourite sport when I saw a lady draped in colourful hues of yellow-orange saree with a beautifully hand woven pullover. In her hand was a bag, probably with a lunchbox inside. My eyes hovered over her face. I was in awe of how vibrant Didi was looking. That was the moment that generated a sense of happiness in me and I was again compelled to think that how much mere pieces of clothes can change one’s demeanour.

In my 4 months of stay here, I have never heard of a case that something went missing from the big spacious rooms provided by IIM Ranchi to its students. This is how these people are – may be small in designation but with great integrity and honesty which certainly contributes to the success of the students. I always see not less than “very good” feedback in that notebook. Even that, I believe, is less for their service. I am still unaware if they are able to read the appreciation they receive.

I am really proud and grateful for such an atmosphere at IIM Ranchi.

– Sanjeev Sah
IIM Ranchi

IIM Ranchi

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It is something which all of us can feel being part of the same fraternity… Nicely written man!