An Ode To IIFT

A hot sun, warm winds lashing our face and tiny droplets of sweat trickled down my face. As soon as I set my first foot in the city, thousands of hopes flashed by my eyes. The city greeted a budding IIFTian with smiles and drizzles by evening.

A backpack with innumerable stuff and Google Map navigating the location, led me to the gates of IIFT. This was the very place where thousands aspire to be part of and I was amongst a fortunate handful of them. I headed towards the black gate and I could clearly see bunch of girls and boys, hissing and hustling through the entrance of OLD Hostel. I sneaked out of the lift and dragged myself towards the room. I have always been apprehensive about staying with a new bunch of people. However, the apprehensions were scaled not to a factor of two, but five as the truth of not just having two roomies but also three loomies dawned upon me.

These terminologies are quite interesting, as you see, roomies are people with whom you share a room while loomies share loo. Struggling with countless questions in my head, I finally helped my self to sleep.

The new morning was full of affairs and we dressed up in complete formals. After the registration process, we steered towards the auditorium. The whole day was a constant juggle of new people and rules. Amidst all of this, I could sense a strong message” Trust your batch! ”. Well, a B-school sets you up in a closely-knit network where people from all walks of life interact. However, gulping down this fact took sometime for me.

On the very third day, amidst less sleep and numerous assignments, my energy detached reaching an abnormal low. However, the commotion and energy of the people were infectious. A deadline popped up our mailboxes and we rushed to form teams for assignment. After fifteen minutes of struggle, we assembled with our team members. A long case study unfolded in front of everyone and us was peeping attentively in their laptops. I could barely concentrate with my eyes ready to doze off any moment.

I mustered courage and tried to focus. However, to no help. I wanted to cry aloud and say, “I am sorry, I am not well” but could not utter a word. Very soon, a fellow mate realized my frail appearance. I somehow spoke my story, with again, a lot of apprehensions. However, a lot, changed that day. A barely known bunch of people offered support and shared my work. A belief was installed and I survived the nights I had contemplated falling apart. It was that very first line that stood true, irrespective of all the differences we have. “Trust your batch! “ and I did.


Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

The ABG Company I would like to work for is Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited as it encompasses many brands, which are loved across the country, and has huge brand offerings. In addition, the brand has a firm foot across more than 75 cities or towns.

IIFT Placement Commitee