An Open Letter To My Mentor Institute

Dear IIM Kozhikode,

I am indeed very honoured and feel proud to write this letter on behalf of first batch of IIM Amritsar for being a great mentor. I want to express my deepest gratitude for believing in us and giving a strong foundation to the batch. You have been an excellent guide, mentor and a great inspiration for all of us. You have inspired us to pursue our goals with hard work and dedication.

While getting selected for the new IIMs last year, it was tough to decide which IIM to take for the PGP. While most aspirants must have looked at the location and the ranking of the mentor institute, which seemingly were the major criteria at that time, I preferred to join IIM Amritsar for its strategic location and committed mentor. In the past one year you have shown us the value of hard work, honesty, dedication and sincerity and these were your very core values that had encouraged me to join IIM Amritsar. Today I am certainly very proud of my decision when I see all the participants, who joined IIM Amritsar because they wanted to be a part of the institute building process, have witnessed a successful year and have reserved good roles in great companies of their choices for the summer internships.

As I analyze I see that IIM Amritsar is on its way to being centre of excellence – with processes, well-structured programme and the pedagogy, infrastructure, student clubs & committees, events and industry recognition. The way IIM Amritsar is progressing I can also say that it is on its way to catching up with the other IIMs (to a large extent if not completely).  As IIM Amritsar has unique advantage of being mentored by you, we should not be surprised if IIM Amritsar catches up sooner than expected.

The knowledge and wisdom you have imparted upon me will be of great help and support throughout my career. I believe my success is at least in part due to your sincere support and mentorship. I truly appreciate and value everything I have learnt during first year at IIM Amritsar. It will forever remain a major contributor behind my success and achievements. I really look forward to the day I can do the same for someone else.


A cog in a wheel

IIM Amritsar