‘My Passion And Enthusiasm Is What Keeps Me Separated From The Crowd’ – Ankit Kumar Dugar – Best 50 – Class of 2016

Ankit has been chosen as one of the top 50 most employable candidates across schools and programmes in India for the Class of 2016. He has one of the best 50 profiles among the candidates who participated in the Best50 competition.

About Me

Currently, a student at IIM Calcutta, prior to this I worked at Bain & Co for a couple of years where I worked with teams in financial services, PE due diligence and other sectors. Before that, I graduated in Finance from College of Business Studies, the University of Delhi where I also interned with the RBI. Most recently I worked with Credit Suisse in their Investment Banking Division (IBD), helping out the team with financial modelling, due diligence and other work. At IIMC, I also went to LSE as part of the dual degree program under CEMS MiM which was one of the most enriching experiences in my life. Besides my academics and professional life, I have been actively involved in social sector from undergrad and also enjoy quizzing in my free time.

What have you done at your Post-Grad/Business School/Undergrad level that makes you stand out from the crowd?

I have loved finance and did my Bachelor’s in the field where I emerged as the University Gold Medalist. This passion was continued when I was selected as an RBI Young Scholar after being in top 100 of ~1.1 Lakh candidates who gave the test across India. I got a chance to work in Foreign Exchange department at the bank. Post this I worked at Bain where I handled numerous PE and FS clients. This was further continued in IIMC when I was able to study many finance courses and get an internship at a bulge bracket investment bank. I believe this passion and enthusiasm is what keeps me separated from the crowd.

What have you done in your life that you are most proud of?

I believe that getting into top 10 across all colleges in University of Delhi after a rigorous selection procedure and getting to represent DU at the Global Leadership Program held in University of Melbourne is one achievement I am really proud of. Not just the rigorous selection procedure and the opportunity that beckoned made it special but being my first experience outside India is a thing I will cherish forever. The kind of exposure I got and the friends I made during the program is something I carry with myself till date. It was a diverse group of people from virtually all fields in the university of both Delhi and Melbourne who we interacted with. I believe it was my first step towards appreciating other cultures which later helped me in my work. What closely followed was my selection to dual degree at LSE after securing 1st rank in IIMC in the selection procedure. I believe both these experiences have given me a lot of exposure and have helped me build my confidence.

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