Are Expensive Courses Worth? 

In general, we are used to the notion that expensive items are best compared to their normal counterparts and directly apply it to education also. Well, in this case you are mistaken. Let’s debunk some myths about expensive courses.

MYTH 1: You Get What You Pay For

Many people assume that the pricier the course, the more valuable the education. However, in reality, not only do some costly courses not deliver the quality, but also normal courses fail to. If you want to get the best deal on a course you will need to do plenty of research. Investigate course based on your interests and worth of the course not the cost.

MYTH 2: Students From Locally Trained Courses Are Not As Skilled/Proficient As Expensive Courses

All students are different. There are all-star students (‘A’ students) anywhere. ‘A’ students are present in local courses as well as expensive courses. There are also ‘B’ and ‘C’ students in local and expensive courses. Some students are just more dedicated, motivated, and willing to do whatever it takes to be the best. There are deep-seated, personal attributes, which will rise to the surface in any type of training arena. So, this is simply up to YOU – it is your choice how proficient you will become but doesn’t purely dependent on the cost of the course.

MYTH 3: Ivy League Schools Guarantees Success

Being a graduate of an Ivy League school does not necessarily mean success. The CEOs of Fortune 500 companies like HP and Ford graduated from less selective schools. So unless you’re the top of your class in the Ivy League, you may be better off at a public university.

In the United States, nearly one third of students borrowed money for college in 2013 and the unemployment rate for college graduates is at 44%. More than half of families eliminated colleges based on their tuition in 2009 and that percent has been steadily growing for years. Students that were accepted into Ivy League schools who were also part of the percent who rejected them because of cost, had to ultimately attend a less selective university. On average, those who decided to go to Ivy League schools and those who were accepted but didn’t go, earn the same income.

MYTH 4: Online Courses Are Not As Good As Expensive College Courses

With an online course, you simply pay a small upfront cost for the program enrollment and then a small rank exam fee. This still comes out to less than 1/6 of the total cost of a local college fee. Online course is actually one of the ‘cheapest’ ways per dollar to earn real rank. Prestigious universities all over the world offer online classes and degree programs. Stanford, Harvard, MIT, UCLA, and thousands of other institutions have fully-accredited online classes. Many of these institutions offer their COMPLETE degree program online. Even our IIT’s are encouraging students to register and take courses online through a program called NPTEL.

Considering all the above facts, choose your course according to requirements and how much you can afford. Never worry that taking less expensive or online courses decreases your credibility and rank. With the advent of MooC (Massive Open Online Courses), anyone can learn about anything from home.

Happy learning!

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