Are You B-School Ready? 5 Quick Things To Do Before You Enter A B-School


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Pratik Ranjan

Having freshly graduated from an IIM I attest each point, and yes you said it right, Excel and PPT are the bread and butter of B-School students. Well written.

19 Mar, 2019 |

Sudhanshu Mishra

This article very well covers all the aspects on which an MBA aspirant should be prepared, before entering the college.

19 Mar, 2019 |

Arup Sarkar

A very specific goal with a practical approach

19 Mar, 2019 |

Saksham Bajaj

The article clearly highlights the most important points necessary to survive and excel in a B-School. Well written!

20 Mar, 2019 |

Roizen Robert

Why wasn't this article written earlier? This is so helpful. Will surely pass on the upcoming batch of juniors.

20 Mar, 2019 |

Priti Verma

Very well written! Write more often.

21 Mar, 2019 |