Are you changing as fast as the world around you is?


Management guru Gary Hamel, in his upcoming book ‘What matters now’ asks this pertinent question to leaders. He observes that the corporate landscape is littered with the bones of corporate dinosaurs that have failed to adapt. The bottom line is – Are we awake, alive, and tuned into what’s popping up on the horizon?

There are fundamental changes happening across sectors – the emergence of sustainability, the increasing role of the civil society and the technology-driven global village. These changes have thrown up new opportunities: new business ideas, learning across borders and the possibility of having a larger impact in the society. And missing them is guaranteed to leave you behind – like a Kodak in photography or a Nokia in cell phones.

How do we then prepare for the future? Especially when it is getting increasingly difficult to predict it? What do we cultivate in ourselves to equip us for tomorrow? There may be no clear answers – but there are pointers. For one, thinking needs to be interdisciplinary – being able to combine ideas from various disciplines. Secondly, leadership has to move from only instructing to being inspirational – inviting people to realise their potential. And finally, it has to be anchored in a deep understanding of oneself – one’s strengths, limitations, aspirations and fears.

In imparting this kind of leadership knowledge, often, institutions get limited by their own domains and ways of teaching. One program that manages to overcome this is Relead – a weeklong journey into “leadership for tomorrow”. Relead is a unique program in that it doesn’t limit itself to a particular discipline. Instead, it draws leadership insights from across disciplines ranging from management and psychology to ontology and spirituality. These are delivered with a blend of methodologies – including theatre, simulations, reflective exercises, psychometric instruments and art.

Organized by Blue Ribbon Movement, a social enterprise that provides leadership to several thousand youth every year, Relead promises to bring the best of their experience to participants. It is a great way to develop practical skills, deepen self-knowledge and reflect on one’s life purpose as well.

While we cannot predict tomorrow, we can enrich ourselves today to gear up for it!

Relead’2015 will take place from the 26th of May to 31st of May at Fireflies Ashram Bangalore. For more details contact or visit