They Aren’t Lectures, They Are Discussions – IIM Rohtak

The classes I had during my BTech, intermediate and schooling, were all almost similar. But that was not the case in my class at my b-school. The classes are not lectures but are the purest form of discussions about some cases which were real case scenarios. The professors at b-schools are so-called course instructors and helped in facilitating the discussion. The main thing my classroom taught me is that everyone comes here to learn, even if it was a professor.

The discussions in our classrooms doesn’t only make us learn about the situation, but makes us feel like we are the top executives in that case. We are bound to take the right decisions, considering the important facts. It’s not just about profits or sustainability, but the cases involve different functions such as marketing department, sales dept, HR, IT, operations etc. among others, ranging from a small startup to a large conglomerate.

In our marketing research class, I realized how much important information data can provide us, using the right tools and methods. We considered various parameters in researching about the market in different industries, based on different consumer data, and based on that, using various tools such as SPSS, we were able to make decisions or give recommendations backed with the data we had.

We can only take right decisions if we feel like we are really in that situations, considering all the facts, using a broader perspective, instead of thinking only through one way. We should be open for suggestions and should be able to accept our mistakes and get updated continuously. Because the world is never the same. The same can be applied to the global market too. If we think that we are the market leaders, we can’t sustain the business if we don’t update ourselves. This holds true for all competitors no matter if they are market leaders or market entrants. If they fail to understand what their customers want, they no longer can sustain in their business.

All these facts can be clearly understood by the classroom discussions about various companies, about their situations at that time, the decisions taking by that companies at that time. The professors made us think broader than what we thought we could think, giving us useful insights about how to approach any case and take the right decisions by great thinking and by asking great questions.

Aditya Birla Group has always been a pioneer in many major industries not only in India but also in many other parts of the world. Among many, I personally am interested in Idea Cellular Limited, a subsidiary of Aditya Birla group. Telecommunication sector is a large sector, which is taking rapid changes in its business model and also in technological aspects. Despite many blows to this sector, Idea Cellular is able to stand at the top of its competitors. I am always interested to work in this sector, especially in Idea Cellular Ltd, as it gives me the opportunity to showcase my skills and give my best to improve the status of the company in the ever-rising competitor world. As the world is moving towards technology driven, there is more scope for the company to grab opportunities to explore more in this sector.