“Attempting around 33 questions with 28-29 answers right should get you 99%ile in both sections” – Hemang Panchmatia CAT Strategy 2014

Shashi Subramaniam Sir, what should be the preparation for the last 2-3 weeks? I am still having some problems in grammar and vocabulary. Can anything be done to improve performance in the last 20 days?

Hemang Panchmatia Write 3-4 Mocks a week. If any important topic is weak, spend some time doing the same. Last 2-3 weeks should be used to consolidate your preparation. Avoid studying new topics now and if you are appearing for IIFT, please spend some time daily preparing for GK. For Grammar, please solve 20-25 error spotting questions a day (actual CAT questions , if not done already). Vocab, atleast learn the root words well, so that you can intelligently guess a few words. For Vocab, focus on Fill in the Blanks and Phrasal Verbs.


Gururaj Any feedback on Melbourne Business School? I am an investment banking professional with 6 years of work experience.Should I go for MBA there? I have a CA and am a CFA charter holder.

Hemang Panchmatia You can consider applying to the Ivy League with your credentials.


Daya Yadav Sir may you help me with RC’s especially dealing with different type of questions in them?

Hemang Panchmatia At this point of time, I would advise you to focus on your strengths. Try attempting 1 RC in about 12 minutes – question types like purpose of the passage, tone of the passage etc can be practised from past CAT RC’s.

Daya Yadav Sir regarding VA-LR section what is your prediction after seeing mock CAT?

Hemang Panchmatia They have used CAT 2005/ 06 questions in the Mock. Was surprised to see FIJ questions appearing.

Daya Yadav How should we approach grammar error question?

Hemang Panchmatia Look for the most common patterns – subject verb agreement , parallelism, tenses etc. When you solve past CAT questions, keep identifying the common error patterns etc.

Daya Yadav With few days remaining what should be revision strategy for DI?

Hemang Panchmatia You should be writing sectional tests for DI on the days you are not writing mocks.


Deepakram Sir, what is the split up of questions from different areas in QUANT we can expect according to you?

Hemang Panchmatia We expect 34-35 questions on Quant and 15-16 questions on DI ( 4 sets). Quant : We expect Algebra, Geometry and Number System to dominate. Also, data sufficiency questions may make a comeback


Saurav Das Sir, my VA score ranges between 45 to 55 in CL and IMS avg 50..My accuracy is pathetic around 60 to 80. Will normalisation be on accuracy this year too? NC OBC non eng(MBBs). What should be my strategy now? My exam is on 16 th nov slot 1.

Hemang Panchmatia You are close to clearing the cut-off. No major alarm bells. I hope you solve around 8-10 Mocks before your actual CAT. Try to get your accuracy to 80-85 % and all should be fine. I recommend that once you attempt Section 2, consciously unselect 2-3 questions you are not sure of.

Saurav Das Sir, I have always skipped grammar and phrasal verb questions. Is it possible to cover these questions in last two weeks or should I leave it?

Hemang Panchmatia Grammar questions take less than a minute to solve – we expect 5-7 grammar questions to appear. If you skip grammar, you may find it hard to attempt 25-28 questions. Please practice 100-150 grammar questions over the next 3-4 days. This will help you attempt 2-3 easy grammar questions.


Shashankjha Sir how to handle data sufficiency. It requires good conceptual clarity. I rely on guesswork

Hemang Panchmatia Please do not use guesswork – there is a proper framework to solve DS questions – please read through any GMAT quant book or go through so videos available online.

Shashankjha Sir, can I do anything to improve in geometry? I find it difficult. Feel more comfortable with algebra, percentages and TSD.

Hemang Panchmatia Go through standard IX, X Geometry books will help a lot.


Hiteshchawla Sir what should be the plan in the last week before exams

Hemang Panchmatia Please do not over prepare / under prepare 1 week before CAT – solve a couple of mocks. Last few days, go through the best Mocks you had to build confidence, practice a few questions of each type to be ‘ in the zone.’ Do not dramatically alter your daily schedule (trying to sleep too much 1 day before exam is equally harmful as sleeping too little)

Hiteshchawla Sir Should I take a mock on the day before the exam

Hemang Panchmatia Not recommended


Suresh Sir what should be the strategy for DI? Should I glance through all sets first?

Hemang Panchmatia Assuming you have 4 sets, you will need to pick up the 2-3 double sets. Devote 25 mins approx to DI for the same.


Achyut Khansili Sir what should be the minimum no. of questions do you expect from a student to solve in QUANT section to get a percentile of at least 99%ile ?

Hemang Panchmatia Around 33 including DI with 28-29 answers right. Same number should get you 99% in section 2 too


Mayank Saxena I’m not able to improve my accuracy in VA. I am pretty good in LR, but my reading skills are horrible. So, I always prefer doing all LR sets no matter what is the difficulty level, and it eats up a lot of time. This way I do not get time to even look at the RCs and I don’t know why my accuracy in Grammar questions is not improving. Please help sir.

Hemang Panchmatia If section 2 is not your strength; please do not start with it. Start with Section 1. Second, start section 2 with Logic – give it around 35-40 minutes. I would recommend you attempt at least 1 RC in about 12 mins


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Sreepada Sairam Vijai

i am a student belonging to the PWD category . i would get on hour extra in my exam this year. what should be my time management strategy for both the sections and number of attempts ??