Art Is A Four Letter Word – WAT Wednesdays

Welcome to Week 1 of WAT Wednesdays!

Most of the b-schools including our very own IIMs have scrapped the process of GD and are just going to short list final converts based on WAT-PI rounds. Also, some exams, like XAT, have WAT as a part of the test itself. So, in order to help you prepare for it better – we, at InsideIIM, have launched a new series – WAT Wednesdays!

This week’s topic is – ‘Art is a four letter word’. Many a time, b-schools give a topic as abstract as this one to know how the candidate’s abstract reasoning and the ability to find connections where there are none. The key to answering such topics lies within what you know, what you think, what you believe and what you feel about something. And maybe sometimes, it goes beyond what you really know. It’s easy to talk about something like demonetization when the whole country goes on about it. You’ll write about what you’ve heard of and could write about other people’s opinions, but a topic like this would force you to write about what YOU think/feel/know.

So put on your thinking caps and answer this to the best of your ability. So what does this mean to you?


This is how it will work:

1) Users can post their essays in the comments section below by logging in through their User id.

2) You can write your essay on the topic for the entire week. You can even challenge your friends and make it more interesting!

3) The thread will be moderated by Team InsideIIM to ensure the discussion is kept relevant and is not abusive.

4) On Saturday, experts and industry professionals at InsideIIM (all ex-IIM, XLRI, MICA only) will rate each essay on the thread on the scale of 10 with some guidance.


This exercise may not replace the practice that you may need daily to master WAT but it will definitely help you to shape your line of thought. We will ensure that if you go through these next few weeks with us on this thread you will markedly improve your content. Hopefully, there will be more substance when you actually write an essay/WAT after going through this exercise.

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ART is a four letter word!
But in the above statement we see that it is only three letters A-R-T then from where does the fourth letter came. The idea behind the fourth letter is in the definition of the word only. What we need to describe art comes through our imagination, experience, visualisation. When we express any art form we put all our effort of creativity to describe it and create it.
Art can be of any type. It can be of dance form, painting, singing, cooking infact we are surrounded by art. We can observe art in the nature and even we are itself an art form created by the mighty god. As I write this essay I am using all my creativity and imagination to produce an essay that looks apart from others and this also an art.
Everybody has the ability to create art thus everybody is an artist. From centuries art is a source to express not only the individual ideas but to express the public sentiments or any prevailing issues. Art is the best mode to express ones feeling and ideas. It attracts a lot more attention than any other form. On every morning newspaper we see some graffiti which highlights current problem or current situation prevailing in the society. Thus art helps us to be aware of the present nerves. Through art even the might of a country is changed as we can see from the example of Syria where graffiti by some teenagers broke into a civil war and it is still affecting the lives of millions of people.
Thus saying art a four letter word is not any mistake but the fourth letter is our imagination our creativity through which even the mightiest and the supreme can be defeated.

Team Insideiim

5/10. While you have some good ideas here, you are unable to make the topic come through. There are a few grammatical errors as well which could have been avoided if you had proofread before publishing. Try and go beyond the obvious in abstract topics to catch the examiner’s eye.

Parth Shekhar

Art is a four letter word. If you think about art, what comes to your mind? To some, in a generic way, a picture of the Mona Lisa may pop up in their minds, some may relate it to a painting on a canvas, some will say how one communicates effectively is an art, negotiating is an art, selling something to a customer effectively is an art for a good salesman. To me, the first thing that came to my mind was the Sun Tzu’s Art of War. Art is not always perceived as paintings or colourful stuffs or beautiful things. Surely, colour and beauty may go hand in hand with the word art in our minds, but it’s all about the perception one has towards it, how and to what an individual relates Art with. Each and everyone of us will have different views when we think about it. An individual defines the statement in their own way based on what they know, what they feel or what they understand. There is an ‘I’ which gives the word ‘Art’ lots of diverse meanings. “I see art as this”, “I see art as that”, “I perceive art as something”, and so on. The letter ‘I’ gives a plethora of views and varieties for this simple word. This fourth letter completes the word art- ‘IART’.
(P.S- This has nothing to do with any new product that apple will or has launched)

Team Insideiim

7/10. Good angle taken up to show how art is a four letter word. There are however a few grammatical errors which should have been avoided. You lost your way somewhere in the middle but wound it up nicely. Good funny remark at the end.

Ikshwaku Goel

ART is four letter word.
We speak some words (like Tsunami )in which one letter is silent, though they are present in writing likewise when we write “ART” one word is always silent in its written form but that silent word frames the image of art in our mind. Art is like a liquid which transforms into a shape of persons liking whether it’s a thin bottle of dance or mug of singing, that Forth letter signifies that shape.Human is having very peculiar nature of remembering things through visual images. This is a usual phenomenon that whenever you hear any word our brain creates a picture related to that for eg. when you hear word CAR one car appears unconsciously in your mind, but it’s applicable for the physical commodity. So, everyone thinks same. But when it comes to word ART that fourth word just behaves like a magical wand that designs the image as per our liking.As people have an inclination toward different forms of ART whether it is dancing, painting or singing that word is also different to different people.
Hence, they perceive it in a different way.And word ART is having a different meaning to different people.

Team Insideiim

7/10. Could have been higher had you proofread it before posting. Should have elaborated more on how different people interpret art differently.

shilpa bose

Art is indeed a four letter word. When an artist puts his ‘mind’ and ‘soul’ into his work, what we get as a result is a masterpiece. The next question that rises now is – who is an artist? Conventionally when we think of an artist we think of sculptors and painters, but any person who creates art is an artist and Art is any piece of work which is a manifestation of our inner ‘self’. We all are mesmerised by some of the marvellous creations that we have seen in the form of art by some of the most renowned artists. And the one thing that all these masterpiece had in common was that they reflected the artists mind soul. Any piece of work first starts with an ‘Idea’ and so does art. Any idea in which a person puts their mind and soul and which is a reflection of their inner self will manifest in the form of an artistic masterpiece and therefore any person who is in touch with their inner self is an artist and the work they create as a result of it is called art.

Team Insideiim

4/10. You will have think of more than just finding associated 4 letter words. This will not show your range of creativity to the fullest. Also towards the end, you seem to be repeating your point and not adding to it. There are a few grammatical errors as well.

jaya sonthalia

A work of art has no importance whatever to society. It is only important to the individual. Art is an expression, where only words and no gestures are unable to explain the beauty of one’s thoughts. No wonder the whole universe is covered under this mesmerized sheet of art and imagination. The sooner one knows its power and immerse in it, the better they are to deal with life’s situations. Art consists of a plethora of opportunities. Art isn’t a 3 lettered word, it’s beyond the compilation of these alphabets. Art is the power to think, to act, to respond, to speak, to listen, to draw, to analyze, to do everything. Art is omnipresent. All our life’s chores require art, everything is done and dusted through the skills we possess. Every simple thing needs art, be it eating, styling, wearing socks, combing hair or even reading a newspaper or an advertisement pamphlet everything is art. Not only we social human beings but even animals have the quality of art in them, precisely the way they chase their supper. ART* the mother of creativity, says the deeper you go the more enthusiastic and simple you become. The better one realizes this action of humanity the better man stops finding logic everywhere, even when it’s not necessary. Art is one positive action which even after being more than 100% brings a lot of satisfaction and calmness within the one that perceives it. Art is much less important than life. But what a poor life without it.

Team Insideiim

5/10. There are a few good ideas here. However you have tried to chase too many concepts. It is advisable to focus on one concept and build it through your piece. You have almost contradicted yourself by starting to say society has no importance for art to saying art is there in everyone’s life to again saying art is less important. Also, reduce grammatical errors.

Sanchali Hoare

Art is a four letter word – seems like a highly obscure looking phrase which defies common sense and numbers. On deeper inspection, however we find that the fourth letter being referred to is the all-encompassing human imagination without which ANY piece of art makes little meaning.
So what is it about art that requires the invocation of imagination to make it meaningful? Haven’t we indulged in the seemingly frivolous childhood activity of cloud-gazing with our friends and speculating on what the silhouette of the cloud resembled? Sometimes you thought it was malevolent fire-spewing dragon, whereas your friend would think it was a unicorn. I am sure the cloud did not intend to be either. Without applying any sort of perspective to it, creative or otherwise, it would have simply been a massive yet unimpressive coagulation of dihydrogen monoxide droplets. Sounds just as drab as it would have looked then!
Imagination, creativity, perspective are critical factors to give any piece of art its deserved value, even from an economic perspective. A whole branch of painting called abstract art reinforces this thought like no other. The painter might draw a few squiggly circles and squares and it would be up to you to see the circles as boardroom seats or poisonous gas bubbles! If you liked what you saw, you bought the painting.
Thus the true value to any piece of art can only be gauged by the viewer’s creativity and hence ART has four letters instead of an apparent three.

Team Insideiim

8/10. Good, clear, precise answer. You have taken one idea of art being in the imagination of the beholder and built it up nicely. Good choice of words and structure of sentences. Would have given you more points if you had come up with a more creative explanation, unlike the current simple one.

Shreya Sawleshwarkar

Creativity and innovation have no boundaries. There are no rules for weaving magic through art. There is no correct way of being creative.
Art is a means to convert your thoughts and opinions into expressions that can be understood by humanity. You don’t have to fit into a mould to create art. Creativity comes with the freedom to express. Art is never suppressed.
So what if you painting questions the basics of the world? So what if your poem brings out the imbalance in the social hierarchy that we are forced to accept as a norm? So what if you don’t agree with a man-made law that prohibits two people from being together because they are the same gender? Your essay can always question that.

Art gives you the freedom to ask why. If you want to question why two plus two equals four, art won’t stop you (but Mathematics will). If you want to care less about the rules of the world and spell art as “aart”, well then, art is a four letter word, after all.