Ashish Jha’s First Month At IIM Rohtak

“Lucky are the ones who get a chance to pursue learning of their choice. They are the few who get a chance to seek enlightenment when the others seek facts”.

The moment I received my offer letter from IIM Rohtak keeps on resurfacing in my mind. The notification popped-up while I was travelling to my workplace and amidst the peak hour traffic my heart came to a standstill. For a moment it seemed as if life had just taken a pause. The dream of being associated with the ‘IIM’ brand which I harbored and worked relentlessly towards, was finally going to be a reality. While congratulatory messages and goodwill kept pouring in from friends and family, there was one feeling which kept lingering around in my head. It was the fear of moving to a new place, being away from home for the first time in my life and also returning to academics after a gap of almost 3 years.

“Will I adjust here?” This was my first apprehensive thought while I wandered around the campus, mesmerized by its enormousness and scenic beauty. As I sit today penning this article, all that has faded and a flashback of the exhilarant month I was lucky to experience brings a smile to my face.

We got the feel of the MBA life from the very first day of our induction. A list of elite speakers graced us with their presence and shared valuable insights. It was a one of a kind experience listening to such a wide-ranging list of industry experts that only a top B-school could assemble.

Even before classes could begin, seniors took it upon themselves to prepare us for the culture and routine that a B-school demands. For this, they had a series of tasks lined up for us. Juggling between their own academic responsibilities and our induction, seniors toiled with us to ensure we match up to the highest of standards that our alumni have set at IIM-R. Multiple assignments and constant reshuffling of groups created a perfect platform for us to interact with all our batch mates. The induction program or “Aarambh” as it is aptly titled, was energizing and managed to shake us up, making us realize the extent to which we can stretch ourselves to achieve great results. It helped inculcate in us a sense of responsibility, teamwork and most importantly, the holy grail of MBA- Time Management.

The first day of attending lectures was an enchanting experience, thanks to the innovative and engaging pedagogy. Professors make it their aim to ensure that the class is stimulating with continuous interactions and detailed discussion.

The USP of life at IIM-R is its overall atmosphere, as care has been taken not just to develop a comprehensive curriculum but also to create an appropriate learning environment. Be it the hostel facilities or the mess food (which was a complete contrast to the stories I have heard regarding “mess food”), staff and students ensure that top notch quality is maintained.

We all have already been integrated as part of various committees and clubs, which add to the rich extra-curricular ambience.

If there ever has been a place that personifies a perfect amalgamation of fun and learning, it is IIM-R. Even with the tirade of assignments and quizzes, students always manage to squeeze in a little time for leisure. They can be seen hanging out or reigniting their forgotten passion for sports, thanks to the plethora of facilities available.

It has only been a month, but it already feels like I belong here. I am sure I resonate the emotions of all my batch mates when I say that I am excited for the journey that awaits me.

They say you can judge a book by its first chapter, and if the first month is anything to go by, my MBA journey at IIM-R is going to be truly remarkable.




About the Author:

Ashish Kumar Jha is a first year student at IIM Rohtak and a member of the PR Cell IIM Rohtak. He is an IT engineer from V.C.E.T., Mumbai and has 28 months of work experience at TCS.

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