Aspect Ratio : Where Imagination meets Problem Solving

You are working with an Analytics company in the area of demand forecasting.

You have recently started working with a new client – a Tyre manufacturer who sells tyres for 2-wheelers in the original equipment (OE) market as well as in the Replacement market (Retail)

The following data represents retail sales of client’s brand Tyres in Pune city


Year Units sold
2008 40000
2009 52000
2010 58000
2011 54000
2012 48000





How would you go about building your forecast? This case study is not as simple as it looks. Go through Part  B here, Part C here, Part D here to know more. (There is an incentive to give your solution at the end of Part D – There is a PPI!)


If working on things like the above case excites you, Aspect Ratio could be a great place to build your career.

Recently, tried to do an “Inside Aspect Ratio” 😛 is extremely excited to profile Aspect Ratio and help them get access to great talent among our users.

As soon as one enters the Aspect Ratio office one gets an extremely positive vibe.  This feeling was reinforced when one of the team members told us that there has been 0% attrition in the last 24 months. Wow. We work with a lot of small and mid-sized companies and start-ups. It is not normal.





Aspect Ratio is an unique company that marries real-life context with the magic of data analysis.  It is not about modelling or your excel skills. It is about your ability to imagine. Can you solve a real-world problem looking at limited information available ? Or when there is too much information available? What will you do with the Big data?

Shivram Apte, an IIM Ahmedabad Alumnus (Class of 1999) has built Aspect Ratio over the last decade and has helped numerous clients telling them things about their business that they didn’t even know existed. Anjan Pal, the COO of Aspect Ratio is a Carnegie Mellon alumnus and has worked for many years with Johnson & Johnson Medical in the past. The two make a formidable team and are taking Aspect Ratio places.

One of the other striking features is the cohesiveness of the team. The bonding is very visible. It didn’t look like anyone was making an effort. It was free flowing and that is hard to build.









There are some very interesting people in Team Aspect Ratio and we asked a few of them what makes Aspect Ratio different. Let’s meet some of them :

“One of my close friends was working at Aspect Ratio and he strongly recommended that I apply. However, it was actually my interview experience that sealed it. It was those 2 hours with Shivram that convinced me that I really want to work with this organization.  I think it is the people that make Aspect ratio so different.

In a big organization, you are constantly operating at a low frustration level. If you want to be in a place where your efforts are valued, Aspect Ratio is a great place. I can pitch ideas and argue strongly for them even if my immediate supervisor does not like it. I get to do big stuff here and I really value that.”



mohit-sharma-insideiim-aspect ratio


Mohit Sharma, IIT Bombay and has worked with PwC in the past

“There was a very cool and energetic vibe when Shivram visited us on campus. I was hooked.

I value freedom of expression over anything else and that is what I get at Aspect Ratio. I can say whatever I think.  It is a young team and a very informal setting. This setting helps me learn from people with experience here.  For e.g.  Learning how to structure a call and an interaction with a client and other such simple but very important skills.

This job needs imagination and I rate that over any other skills that may be needed.”



ektaa-sharma-insideiim-aspect ratio


– Ektaa Sharma, MBA from Pune University

“In my previous job, every time I’d go with a new idea it would be shot down even though my manager would like it simply because the organizational framework would not allow it. The main thing that attracted me to Aspect Ratio was that it was a small team. There is a bigger upside when you join a promising company during its inception. I can enter the CEO’s office anytime to discuss my ideas. More importantly, I get to implement them. I can see revenue impact of my contribution and it is great feeling to see results of your efforts. If you have worked earlier you will really value operational freedom. You literally own projects here. We don’t have set processes here (which can be a problem at times!) and that makes it fun. I also appreciate the culture of transparency at Aspect Ratio”


2013-02-28 00.25.56


– ASger Ali Masalawala, IIT Bombay and worked with Cognizant in the past.

“The interview process hooked. It had interesting questions and puzzles. I think it a great profile for a fresh MBA grad.

I am 6 months old in the organisation but am an integral part of a very interesting project. I interact directly with the Global Marketing head of our client (A famous MNC name). I don’t think one gets to interact with senior people so soon in their career anywhere else. And yes, my opinions matter.”




– Priyanka Hirwani, MBA in Finance from Symbiosis Pune

“Shivram came to campus without a PPT. He just solved a small forecasting problem on the board. It was so different. The interview didn’t feel like one. The process made me confident that I want to join this company.

I am a fresher and an Analyst but I speak to clients directly. Moreover, the homework I do before every client interaction about the international market, the history, and the people is very satisfying”




– Suprita Patil, MBA from Pune University

“It was the interview process that convinced me to join this company. There is responsibility on your shoulders as soon as you join and you can actually create impact. I interact with an entire country team. However, I must tell you that in such a set up you need to take initiative. There is no set learning procedure. This place allows you to do hands-on problem solving”




– Aditya Singh Tomar, IIT Madras and worked with Synygy India in the past

“I was looking for a career switch and exploring some opportunities. It was the same time when I received a call from Anjan who wanted me to fly down to pune and have a conversation. I was interacting with clients as a part of my recruitment process which was quite unique. I immediately bought into the vision that Shivram and Anjan had for the company. In spite of having offers from some international e-commerce giants but still chose to work with Aspect Ratio.  I’m quite happy working with people who come with diverse competencies. Some people are good at analysis while some have in-depth industry knowledge.  We have close to 0% attrition rate for the last 2 years. I think you should join this company for the kind of projects we do. It is meaningful work and you will see direct impact. Also, you will like the culture.”




– Sushanth Boda, IIT Bombay and has worked with MarketRX in the past

If you think Aspect Ratio is the place for you, please apply here. Currently we are only looking for candidates with post-MBA work experience. Our offer for a PPI still stands for interesting solutions and approaches to the Case Study. It is NOT necessary to solve the case study to apply. (But, a good approach will definitely get you to the interview table without us looking at your resume till then.)