Author: Adarsh Ranjan

Adarsh is a first-year MBA candidate at MDI Gurgaon. Having worked as a manager at Tata Steel and Mahindra&Mahindra for close to 4 years, he has developed an innate love for HR. His passion for HR has made him bag several accolades including that of being the national winner at the annual HR conference of XLRI. He is an avid reader, a proud speaker, a footloose traveller, an automobile enthusiast and definitely one you’d like to clink your beers with.

A Unique Internship That Taught Me Lessons For Life – Summer Internship Experience At ICICI Bank

It was a bright sunny morning in the first week of April and the iconic blue glass tinted building of ICICI headquarters at Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai stood right in the middle of the large corporate park, looking simply stunning to the enthusiastic bright young interns handpicked from premier B-schools in India for one of

IIM Lucknow Building

From TATA Motors To IIM Lucknow | IIM L Interview Experience

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From A Hospital Bed To IIM Lucknow – A Leap From Scoring 47%ile In Mocks To 99.4%ile In CAT ’18

This is the inspiring story of success against all odds of Manavdeep Singh. His journey bears a testimony to the fact that grit and hardwork alone can make one tide against every force of the world and achieve what one wishes for. Here’s a little about Manavdeep: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.