Author: Aman Jindal

Calicut Mini Marathon : Eat -> Sleep -> Run -> Repeat

“That Day for no particular reason, I decided to go for a little run, so I ran to the road, when I got there, I thought maybe I run to the end of the road……” Forrest Gump. And so the legendary run began… To run has come to mean so many things to so many

“Staying Grounded Is The Mantra Of Success” – Aiswarya Ram, First Year Topper At IIM Kozhikode (PGDM 2015-17)

The first year of MBA is for many B schoolers, a defining period in their academic life. It is here that they are exposed to a plethora of activities – academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular, and most students struggle to strike the right balance among the three. There is fierce competition, with at least 150-200 students

Getting The x In 99.9x – Strategy For Next Three Months From A CAT Topper (99.94%ile) – S.Raghavan From IIM Kozhikode

Getting into the elusive league of 99.9x is every CAT aspirant’s dream. Here we interview, S. Raghavan a student at IIM Kozhikode who belled the CAT at a commendable 99.94 percentile. So Raghavan, tell us something about your Quant strategy. CAT over the past few years, has lost its surprise factor. All that matters is

Sixth Avenue, Thou Shalt Eat, Drink And Make Merry At Kozhikode – The Real Life MBA

Prologue Kozhikode, historically known as the “City of Spices” is famous for its delectable cuisine. Anees Abdul Latif and Roshan Abdul Razaaq, two cousin brothers, who grew up in this beautiful city were always fascinated by the aromas heading from the kitchen. This childhood longing found expression in 2014 when they conceptualised the idea of

Being Negative For Growth – The Conundrum Of Negative Interest Rates

At the recently concluded Economic Symposium organized by US Fed at Jackson Hole, Wyoming involving leading central bankers and economists from around the world, there was a growing clamor for more radical measures to fuel growth and inflation. The chief among them being negative interest rates being used in Japan & Europe to stimulate anemic

The Great Indian Pulp Fiction : 25 Years Of Neo-Liberal Economic Reforms – Aman From IIM Kozhikode

    As a seemingly mundane July 2016 passed, little do we fathom that India survived a massive heart-attack 25 years ago the same month. India entered the last decade of the 20th century precariously, with grave uncertainties on every possible dimension. The economy was in a complete disarray (BOP crisis); Political Upheaval (4 different