Author: Apoorv Agarwal

I'm a former Entrepreneur, now pursuing MBA from IIT Kanpur. I started my business after graduation in Food Processing. After that, I entered into Mushroom Cultivation. I have a problem solving and action oriented approach. I believe there is always a solution to the problem. Having a comprehensive knowledge, being able to inter-relate, making the best of given resources and perseverance (not taking no for an answer, finding a way to fulfill stakeholders) are my motos for victory.

Approaches In My Entrepreneurial Journey And Lessons Learnt | #MBAIITKanpur

Entrepreneurship is like lust. It lures first timers and then enslaves them with ambition, forever. Entrepreneurship, that once was mocked, is now been presented as lavish, quirky, techy, ambitious, energetic, for and by geniuses; thanks to our techpreneurs and dot com bubble, that changed the era. All this pulled me, and I became a devotee.