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Arshdeep Kaur

Current Student | SIBM Pune

Arshdeep Kaur is pursuing her MBA in HR from SIBM Pune.

Arshdeep Kaur is pursuing her MBA in HR from SIBM Pune.

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My Mahindra Diaries - Part 3 | The Fun We Had! - Arshdeep Kaur, SIBM Pune

'Life is short, smile while you have teeth.'After having spent five wonderful weeks of internship at Mahindra, now is the time to talk about all the fun and memories I made:1. The People:From the guard at our flat to the receptionist at our corporate office to every employee that you

My Mahindra Diaries | Chapter 2 | Work Mode On - Arshdeep Kaur, SIBM Pune

After a well organised induction, we joined our respective sectors. I got posted at the Group Corporate Office with the GMC Team. I had already met my guide and buddy during the induction, as they took care of the entire process. After a fruitful discussion and expectation setting with both

My Mahindra Diaries - One Week Of Summer Internship - Arshdeep Kaur, SIBM Pune

The day I got the news that I have been selected for Group Management Cadre (GMC) Summer Internship Program 2019 of Mahindra, I was elated and my happiness knew no bounds. It was only a matter of few months before I finally ended up in Mumbai, one day before the