Author: Sathya Narayanan

CEO of BrandValueZ, a brand consulting firm & Course facilitator at PSG Institute of Management. My Role: Inspire young minds & help clients solve Key Branding and Digital Marketing challenges, USP: Unique Blend of Creativity and Logic; Purpose Led, People Centric and Process Driven Approach to solving branding and Digital Marketing Challenges.

Teaching And Learning In The Connected Era – It’s Time Business Schools Reinvent

The New Normal Businesses today are witnessing an uncertain, volatile, ambiguous and complex (VUCA) future due to rapid technological, social, political, natural and economic change. The traditional paradigm of management schools, with its strong focus on academic orientation, might not be relevant to handle the current fluidic business environment that constantly demands multi-dimensional skills and

Mangers in Society : Making a Difference

“All that is mutable in human beings (chitta) is harmonized through the cultivation of love (maitri), helpfulness (karuna), conviviality (mudita) and imperturbability (upeksha) in situations that are happy, painful, successful or unfortunate” ~ Sentence 33, Samadhi Pada, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. A true manager, to be complete has to develop qualities of leadership and espouse a

Opportunistic or Authentic – Brands’ Stance On LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender)

Call it a bravado… The recent digital campaign Bold is Beautiful for Myntra’s ethnic wear brand “Anouk” has certainly grabbed the attention of many either for good or bad depending on one’s belief about Marriage equality (LGBT) and same sex relationships. The campaign for sure is a clutter breaker in its segment and deserves a