Author: Debalina Haldar

an 'unlikely uncommon quintessential' engineer

Is Gamification the new best friend of HR?

Employee engagement techniques, like intranet information sites and coffee room poster campaigns have become passive these days. Gone are the days when they could hold the concentration of employees to make any impact other than wasting HR budgets. The posters have become just wallpaper. This shows the sign of hierarchical, siloed and industrial-age top-down management

IIM Lucknow: India’s most beautiful business school, 34th world wide

Many schools out there are as aesthetically gratifying on the outside as they are innovative on the inside, and with their host of top-class facilities these attractive buildings may inspire students to work harder. But IIM Lucknow, not merely aesthetically pleasing, has made it to the list of world’s top 50 most beautiful business schools,