Author: Deepak Kumar

Converting EPF To Pension Account Should Be One Of The Options And Not The Only Option

According to a media report, Union revenue secretary Hasmukh Adiha argued in favour of the new proposal to tax employee provident fund (EPF) withdrawals, even as another news report said over one lakh people had signed to support a campaign that demanded the proposal to be rolled back. Revenue secretary Adiha had blamed “poor wording” of

Did The Finance Minister Deliver A ‘Jai Kisan’ Budget In Keeping With India’s Pyramidical Structure

Good that with a strong Budgetary focus on farmers and rural welfare, the government may have initiated a much needed course correction. After all, growth must be inclusive in order to be sustainable. An eye also on the state elections maybe, as analysts point out, but full marks to Arun Jaitley nevertheless for listening to

The Freedom 251 Pricing Is Actually A Brilliant Marketing Move – Here’s Why

With the sale having gone viral and hopefully millions of potential buyers now aware of the brand, Ringing Bells has achieved what even a big-ticket ad campaign couldn’t have got it. But first, if you think the Freedom 251 pricing is too good to be true, give yourself a pat on the back for managing to stay rational. Yes,

Are Internet Curfews By The Government The Right Way To Contain Violence

Governments, like bomb squads, must handle issues on social media with utmost care, not only to diffuse conflicts but also to encourage discourses on inclusive actions. We live in an ultra-connected world today, where a multitude of media—including the internet—and a host of channels crisscross, complement and supplement each other. If one of the streams is cut, the

TRAI’s Conscientious Stand Against Facebook’s Free Basics Is A Net Neutrality Positive

I’m relieved—and I’m sure so are all fellow supporters of net neutrality—that we no longer need to worry about the possibility that a mighty corporation of the scale of Facebook could get to shape our internet preferences and habits in a monopolistic manner (as if the existing addiction to Facebook is not enough!). In campaigning