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"Better Late Than Never" - Raman Kumar, DMS IIT Delhi, Class of 2020

IIT Delhi – this name in itself is a dream for many. And today I am writing about this dream becoming a reality for me.The story began the day I decided to pursue an MBA degree after 3 years of my boring IT job (many of you can relate to

A Hidden Gem - DMS IIT Delhi - Siddharth Chaturvedi, Class of 2020

It’s that time of the year again when we start getting the interview calls from our dream B-schools. I was in the same shoes last year and had final converts from some good colleges like MDI Gurgaon, IIM Trichy/Rohtak/Udaipur and DMS, IIT Delhi. Choosing the best among them based on

Summer Placements - Class of 2020 - DMS IIT Delhi

The Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi has successfully completed its summer internship placement process (SIP) in record time for MBA Class of 2018-20. Both the mean and median stipends at DMS IIT Delhi have seen a sharp upward trend.This season, DMS IIT Delhi saw the summer placement process being

"Your Past Shouldn't Decide Your Destiny" - Kunal Jain, DMS IIT Delhi, Class Of 2020

Indian Institute of Technology is considered a reliable name not only in India but overseas as well. Quality Research has been the legacy of IIT for a long time. I had always aspired to be an IITian, but my commerce background led me to a path that I knew would