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'Don't Miss The Easy Questions And Spend Minimum Time On Difficult Questions' - Mir Noaman Ali - 99.87%ile CAT 2015 - FMS

How was your experience of CAT, since the pattern changed, calculator was introduced?As good as it gets! I had to score very high in order to land in a top B-School (GEM profile) so the pressure was always there which worked as Eustress and kept me focused during the preparation

Convention 2016: The Annual Leadership Summit At FMS Delhi

"Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) is one of the oldest B-Schools in the country, established in 1954 under the aegis of the University of Delhi. The institute was started as a part of the Delhi School of Economics and has grown to be a full-fledged management institute. Being a part

Gram Darshan - A Day With The Soul Of India - FMS Embraces The Spirit Of Social Responsibility

Diversity defines India. It paints the country into two major shades- the urban India and the true India i.e. the rural India. “The future of the country lies in villages”- Carrying forward this Gandhian philosophy, the students of FMS sensed a need to go to the grass-roots and understand the

'A Journey To Discover Your True Self' - FMS, Delhi

Often, we are simply too afraid to find out who we really are. But not always are we scared. At times, we merely go through life thinking we are something that we are not. And then we take that identity that we have generated for ourselves, for our actual soul.