Author: IFMR Graduate School Of Business, Krea University

Established in 1970, IFMR Graduate School of Business, Krea University is a leading business school with the objective of moulding ambitious young men and women into competent and socially responsible organizational leaders in a global setting. IFMR GSB is fortunate to have pre-eminent faculty members, most of whom have Ph.Ds from well-known institutions in India and the United States.

A Five Day Roller-Coaster Ride At IFMR | Aviral Singh, IFMR GSB Krea University

My MBA Journey at IFMR-GSB began on the 17th of June 2019. Like every other student, I too was feeling a bit homesick but this feeling of anxiousness ceased to exist after an enthralling experience of Induction programme. Right from the induction programme itself, I was surprised to see such enormous diversity in the incoming

Getting The Dream Internship At The Reserve Bank of India | Akanksha Luhadia | IFMR GSB Krea University

I had always read about RBI, the central bank of India but never thought I could get to work there. A pleasant shock knocked at my door on the 13th of February when the result was announced and I was flooded with congratulations from the entire batch. It all started in the month of September

“It Is Not Just Talent Which Promises Success, Working Hard Is Equally Important” – Samar Singh Sheikhawat At IFMR GSB Krea Univeristy

Guest lecture by Mr. Samar Singh Sheikhawat (held on 22nd January 2019) These words by Mr. Sheikhawat remind me of a famous saying “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”. No matter how differently you put them to words, the basic idea of success is emphasized to be Hard work. Mr. Samar Singh

Meeting 29 States At IFMR | Yash Modi, IFMR GSB Krea Univeristy

After so many heart-wrenching year(s) of hard work, witnessing many failures, having been through an abundance of emotions in the last couple of months simultaneously, I have finally decided the college where I would love to spend the next two years to study and call it MBA. After I’ve come here, I have seen many

A Sneak Peek Into The Diversity At IFMR GSB Krea University – Kaushal Kishore

All of us have grown to study and cherishing the diversity that our country is blessed with. We all have heard the slogan “Unity in Diversity” at some point in our life. IFMR is no exception, it makes sure that the MBA program consists of students from every state. This diversity in batch helps in

Model United Nations – All India Political Party Meet At IFMR GSB Krea University

MUNs are simulations of real-life committees where delegates are involved in role play and showcase their diplomatic and policy framing skills. IFMR has a MUN club dedicated to simulate and shape these events in order to provide a platform to the students to debate and produce arguments for productive reasoning of the current position of

‘Key Tips For Placement At Barclays From A Finance Specialization Student’ – Manish Gogoi, IFMR GSB Krea University

I hail from Tezpur, Assam. I did my BTech in Mechanical Engineering from Gauhati University. After my BTech, I joined Shriram Transport Finance Co. Ltd., initially started my career as a management trainee and later got promoted to assistant product manager in the working capital division of the company. I resigned with the same position