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Established in 1970, The Institute for Financial Management & Research (IFMR) is a leading business school with the objective of moulding ambitious young men and women into competent and socially responsible organizational leaders in a global setting. IFMR is fortunate to have pre-eminent faculty members, most of whom have Ph.Ds from well known institutions in India and the United States.

Ayushi Aggarwal Reminisces About Her Transition From Full-Time Work To Full-Time MBA At IFMR

It is always advisable to decide your masters once you have a taste of the corporate culture and get exposed to the routine of stringent deadlines, multiple clients all at the same time. The hectic long hour shifts during the busy season of the organisation is another dimension that adds to your personality and makes

Anurag’s KPMG Interview Experience – IFMR

KPMG offered two roles this year – Financial Risk Management (FRM) and Information Technology Advisory (ITA). I was interested in FRM role and was fortunate enough to get shortlisted and interviewed for the same. Interview Experience:  My interview lasted for around 40-45 minutes. I was assessed on several aspects ranging from technical knowledge to behavioural