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India should stay strong this time at WTO

After 13 years of slog the WTO finally tabled the  'trade facilitation agreement' to cut down the trade barriers between the countries all over the world ,on December 2013. According to the Peterson Institute this will contribute 1 trillion dollar to global economy  and 21 m jobs in the poor

Why This Reservation?

Reservation ,one of the most controversial aspects in India. Now the question is why this discrimination? Indeed difference is infused in the nature of India from the eve of its civilization. Difference between casts ,class, gender, skin color ,everywhere its prominent in Indian society. Somewhere People even refuse to acknowledge

Where would we stop??

While the news paper is buzzing with the formation of new government ,terrorist  invasion, economical imbalances ,new released movie we are just overlooking a  grave issue. A warning that the human kind  is on the verge of its utter extinction .The ice sheets in the polar regions have becoming  thinner