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How I Converted The IIM Nagpur Interview - IIM Interview Experience

In the last week of April 2019, the temperature was well above the forties. Lakes had dried up and so had my aspirations of getting into a decent B-school. That was when I got a call for WAT/PI from IIM Nagpur. I chose Kolkata as my interview location as it

A Dream Of 'Living' Life At IIM Nagpur

Not so long ago, while I was busy with my responsibilities as a government employee, I was re-ignited with the desire of working on my career growth.  I took unpaid leave to go for the preparation of Civil Services examination. On reaching New Delhi, I was all set to aim

Self-Discovery In The Process Of Becoming A Class Representative At IIM Nagpur

An MBA program is not just about academics, it is also about getting accustomed to multi-tasking with careful planning and execution. Therefore, it was clear in my mind that I must be a part of something like this once I am in a B-School.When the Class representative (CR) election notification

A Beautiful Beginning To Life At IIM Nagpur

It was a typical Sunday afternoon, and I was at home, preparing a list of all the things that I would be needing once my college would start. After being sad for days, I had finally come to terms with not being able to convert any of the top tier