Author: IIM Rohtak

Guest Lecture By Lenovo’s Marketing Head Mr. Sriram Goapalaswamy

Business to business or B2B marketing is a completely different game which is known to few and understood by even fewer. Mr. Sriram Gopalaswamy, Lenovo Marketing Head conducted an interactive and insightful session with the students of Indian Institute of Management, Rohtak. The foremost reason why most people do not understand what is B2B marketing

How I Cleared CFA Level 1 – Naveen Kumar, IIM Rohtak

CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) exam is considered as one of the most sought-after exams for a finance graduate. It is a series of three exams covering a broad range of topics relating to investment management, financial analysis, stocks, bonds, and derivatives, and provides a holistic knowledge of other areas of finance. Clearing an exam which requires

Management Summit On Industry 4.0

The fourth Industrial revolution dawned in 2013 when the German government released a memo outlining the plan to computerize its economy to eliminate human intervention. A wave of digitization took over the world in the subsequent years with notable advancements in every sector of the economy. In an attempt to understand and measure the impact