Author: Indrajeet iQuanta

Indrajeet Singh, the CEO of iQuanta gave a new direction to the world of online teaching where the doubts gets cleared within seconds or minutes using the previously neglected medium, Facebook as his platform. He started iQuanta last year, and it delivered splendid results in its very first year with two 100%ilers, sixteen 99.6+ %ilers & around 30 final converts from IIM A,B,C and XLRI. iQuanta is mostly about unconventional methods and concepts which aren’t taught in conventional coaching centres and his free peer learning platform i.e. CAT Preparation group is 93k members strong and is highly active –

iQuanta CAT 17 Results

Again, it’s time for which every CAT aspirants burn their midnight oil. And there comes a secret group of iQuanta which is constantly gauging with the CAT preparation, concepts, doubts and almost everything required for CAT preparation. And every year it releases one of the best Results in India. Cheers to the elite list of CAT 2017,