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How To Write Your B-school Application - Tips From Mansie

Your approach to your B-school applications1. Categorize and segregate the most important personal and professional experiences that you want to incorporate into the available essay prompts.2. Be careful to not stuff your essays with ALL the information about yourself. This is hard to do, especially when the fear of leaving

Build Your Goals

As you seek better career opportunities through an MBA, interactions with experts in your possible chosen paths can help enormously. These communications can help answer questions you did not think of asking. Seeking out mentors from specific industry of interest can provide much needed perspective. It can help you put your education

A Good Business School Essay - Tips From Mansie

TIPS ON USING THE APPLICATION ESSAYS TO YOUR ADVANTAGEIntrospect and conduct a thorough self-assessment. Outline the turning points in your life and identify major milestones and failures.Think about yourself professionally and personally- business schools want to know both aspects of your personality.Research on the program you’re applying to. Don’t craft