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MYRA MASTERCLASS On The Futuristic MBA – IoT, Big Data, BI @ Hyderabad | April 22, 2017

We would wish to take this opportunity and also invite you for our 2nd MASTERCLASS lecture series now at Hyderabad. Also do look out for our high-density program marketing campaigns with The Hindu and Times of India all week between 17th & 22nd April 2017. To begin with let me share the agenda behind this MASTERCLASS. As you might

Masterclass On ‘IoT, Big Data And Business Intelligence – The Futuristic MBA’ | April 8, 2017

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are at the forefront of technical innovation. From autonomous driving vehicles to predictive analytics, robotic manufacturing to smart homes, how we live, work and play will be impacted in profound ways. At CEDABI (Centre for Excellence for Data Analytics and Business Insights) – MYRA School of Business, we are finding ways

“Be Nimble In Thought And Action” – Dr. K Ganesh Knowledge Expert, McKinsey & Company | MYRA CXO talk

MYRA IndusTree: CXO Power Talk (21) by Dr. K Ganesh Knowledge Expert and head of the SCM centre of competence, McKinsey & Company March 13, 2017 “Be nimble in thought and action” It is not often that one gets to hear a person who writes poetry as well as complex inventory optimisation algorithms; a person

Future Managers Need To Learn To Operate In A VUCA World – Dr. M V Rajeev Gowda, MP

“The world today is characterised by Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity or VUCA for short – a term coined by the US military. For business managers today this manifests itself in rapid urbanisation, climate change, demographic shifts and technological advancements. Managers, therefore, would need to learn how to derive more (results) from less (resources); they

MYRA Partners With Cambridge Judge Business School For Executive Education In India

MYRA School of Business has formalised an exclusive partnership with Judge Business School, Cambridge University to offer its cutting-edge Executive Education programs in India. A formal MOU to this effect was inked on May 30, 2017. MYRA’s upcoming Executive Education centre based out of Bengaluru would be its focal point of operations for all upcoming

MYRA Receives The Economic Times Best Education Brands 2017 Award And Recognition

MYRA along with other top institutions such as IIMA, IIM Indore, IIT Delhi, ISB, SP Jain, VIT and others is the recipient of the award and recognition as “The Economic Times Best Education Brands 2017.” The Economic Times, along with its knowledge partner MRSS recently launched its new initiative ‘Best Education Brands 2017’, in continuation

MYRA InSight Lecture (35) – Phishing: An Overview | Dr. Raghav Rao, University Of Texas, San Antonio

InSight Special Lecture (35) “Phishing: An Overview”  by Dr. H Raghav Rao AT & T Distinguished Chair Professor University of Texas, San Antonio March 14, 2017 Dr. H Raghava Rao, the US-based scholar of Information Systems Management who occupies the A T & T Chair at the University of Texas, San Antonio, USA recently delivered a lecture on

Entrepreneurship Is All About Grit, Gumption, And Goals – MYRA School Of Business

Dr. Shalini Urs, Founder and Chairperson, MYRA School of Business in conversation with, as part of their International Women’s Day initiative. Why you chose your respective field?  I chose the education sector for primarily two reasons: ·  My belief in the power of education:  For me, education is a means to an end and

InSight Special Lectures (34) “Globalization Redefined By Trump Presidency”

InSight Special Lectures (34)  “Globalization Redefined by Trump Presidency” by Dr. Sandeep Krishnamurthy Dean, Bothell School of Business | University of Washington, USA Visiting Professor, MYRA School of Business, Mysore When Adolf Hitler took over the reins of Germany, little did the world guess the impact his reign would have on the global economy, on geo-political relationships, on international trade