Author: Nikhil Mukhija

Life makes a Good Manager out of us. .. ...

Why you must go for an analytics firm right away? – An attempt at prognosis of the future

“In God We Trust, Rest all Bring the Data” – William Edwards Deming — a renowned American statistician, professor, author, lecturer and consultant. Gone are the days when Decisions were made on intuition and managerial experiences Gone are the days when there were a handful no. of companies in one sectors and Gone are the

The CRT Chutzpah

Chutzpah – When a person, body or authority, carries out an activity and then forbids others from doing it, defining the very same activity as Unprofessional. Chutzpah- When a person, body or authority, supposed to pitch for entire batch, pitches on a personal level just for a member belonging to that body/authority and calls everyone

Reserved about Reservations

Reserved about Reservations   Too often in our nation we are compelled to ‘play it safe’, ‘sound politically correct’ or ‘reiterate only what is in sync with the ideas of existing social constructs’. And this repeats itself until it reaches the point that it becomes blasphemous to put forward new ideas that aren’t quite confirming